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Dr. Mitchell McLarnon

Assistant Professor, Education

Dr. Mitchell McLarnon
Office: S-FG 6215  
Faubourg Ste-Catherine Building,
1610 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5613

Teaching activities

ESTU 676 – Special Topics in Adult Education: Readings for Popular Education

ESTU 641– Selected Topics in Sociology of Education: Community-Based Participatory Research

ESTU 642 - Selected Topics in Educational Problems: Alternative Environmental Education in the Context of Climate Emergency 

ESTU 671 - Adults as Learners

ADIP 541/ADED 344 - Designing Adult Learning Projects

ADED 201 - Concept and Principles of Adult Education

ADED 202 - The Scope and Nature of Adult Learning Programs

Research activities

Current Projects

Gardening for Social and Environmental Justice. Funded by Multiple Agencies. Role: Principal Investigator. 

ENGEN: Enabling intergenerational connections to promote mental health and well-being and co-develop climate change solutions. Philanthropic Ventures Foundation: Role: Co-Investigator. Principal Investigator: Jura Augustinavicius.

Radical hope and pragmatic optimism: Interdisciplinary approaches to addressing teaching and learning within the context of human-driven climate change
. Bishop’s University Internal Research Grant. Role: Co-Investigator. Principal Investigator: Dawn Wiseman. Co-investigator: Catherine Malbeuf-Hubertise

Reconceptualizing the role of the teacher for Canada’s Creative Economy
. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Insight Grant. Role: Co-Investigator. Principal Investigator: Sean Wiebe.


Articles & Book Chapters

McLarnon, M. (2019). You’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore: Exploring the pedagogical encounters in School of Rock. In Conrad, D. & Prendergast, M. Portrayals of teachers and teaching on stage and in film: Dramatic depictions. Intellect Books: Bristol: UK.

McLarnon, M., Leggo, C. & Sinner, A. (2018). Wild Profusions: An Ode to Academic Hair. Journal of the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies. 16(1), 70-89.

McLarnon, M., […] Vaudrin-Charette, J. (2016). The school bus symposium: A poetic journey of co-created conference Space. Art Research International: A transdisciplinary Journal, 1(1), 141-173. McLarnon, M. (2016). Poetic inquiry in outdoor environmental education. Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. (28) 1, (29-33).

McLarnon, M. (2015). A/r/tography in outdoor environmental education. Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. (27)4, 26-30.

McLarnon, M. (2015). Bringing methods to the madness. Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. (27) 3, 19-21.

McLarnon, M. (2013). Learning new ways: Transcending outdoor environmental education. Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. (25) 5, 6-10.

McLarnon, M. (2013). Inclusive outdoor education: Bridging the Gap. Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. (25) 3, 18-22.

Co-Authored Articles and Book Chapters

Howard, P., Becker, C., Wiebe, S., Carter, M., Gouzouasis, P., McLarnon, M., Richardson, P., Ricketts, K., Schuman, L. (2018). Creativity and Pedagogical Innovation: Exploring Teachers' Experiences of Risk-taking. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 50 (4), 1-15.

Wiebe, S., Gouzouasis, P., McLarnon, M., Ricketts, K., Schuman, L. (2018). Introduction: A creativity without gold stars. Canadian Journal of Education. 40(1), 1-7.

Nichols, N., Griffiths, A. & McLarnon, M. (2018). Community-based and Participatory Approaches in Institutional Ethnography. In Reid, J. & Russel L. Studies in Institutional Ethnography. Emerald Publishing: Bingley: UK. 

Lemieux, A. & McLarnon, M. (2018). Artful portable library spaces: Increasing community agency and shared knowledge. In Leggo, C. & Hasebe-Ludt, E. Provoking Curriculum Studies: A Manifesto of Inspiration/ Imagination/ Interconnection. Canadian Scholars Press: Toronto.

Edited Works

McLarnon, M. (2018). Editorial: Gardening for social ills. Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. (30) 1, (3-6).

Wiebe, S, Lyle, E., Wright, P. McLarnon, M., & Dark, K. (2017) (Eds.) Ways of being in teaching: Conversations and reflections. Sydney: Sense.

McLarnon, M. (2016). Editorial. Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education. (28) 1, (3-4).

Participation activities

Faculty Representative for the Sustainaibilty Action Fund

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