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Amy R. Poteete

Associate Professor, Political Science

Amy R. Poteete
M. Petteys
Office: S-H 1225.49  
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3486
Website(s): Amy R. Poteete - ResearchGate Profile
Amy R. Poteete - Google Scholar profile
ORCID: 0000-0002-7017-8731

Amy R. Poteete’s research explores socio-ecological and political economic relationsin diverse contexts, ranging from Botswana and Sénégal to Montréal and southernIndiana (USA). As of November 2022, she is wrapping up a SSHRC Partnership EngageGrant with Nik Luka (McGill University) and Les Amis du Champ des Possibles on “ThePossibilities for Urban Commoning in Montréal’s Champ des Possibles,” and launchingcollaborative research with Emma Despland, Elizabeth Miller, Rebecca Tittler,and Carly Ziter (all at Concordia) on “EnhancingBiodiversity, Social Inclusion, and Climate Resilience through Informal Urban GreenSpaces,” with support from Concordia University’s Sustainable Transitions TeamResearch Initiative (STTRI). This pilot project focuses on four sites in Montréal:the Champ des Possibles in Mile End, a complex of sites including Boisé Vimontin Hochelaga, the Falaise St. Jacques in Notre Dame de Grace/Sud-Ouest, and theTechnoparc wetlands near St. Laurent. Poteete has written extensively ondecentralization-centralization, development, and electoral politics, particularlyin Botswana and Senegal. Another strand of writing concerns methodologicalissues. She is the coauthor, with Marco A. Janssen and Elinor Ostrom, of Working Together: Collective Action, theCommons, and Multiple Methods in Practice (Princeton University Press),which has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. She receivedthe Dudley Seers Memorial Prize for best article in volume 45 of the Journal of Development Studies for herarticle, “Is Development Path Dependent or Political? A Reinterpretation ofMineral-Dependent Development in Botswana” (April 2009). Other publicationsinclude chapters in edited volumes and articles in a variety of journals,including African Affairs, Developmentand Change, Electoral Studies, the Journalof Development Studies, the Journalof Modern African Studies, and WorldDevelopment.


PhD (Duke University)

Research interests

Social, political, economic, and ecological interactions; commons and commoning; informal urban green spaces; Montreal; political economy of low and middle income countries; African politics, decentralization

Research affiliations

Social Justice Centre , Concordia University
African Politics Conference Group

"Our only green space is threatened. Let's react & fast. Out RML." Hochelaga, May 2022
Photo credit: A. Poteete
Collaborative consultations, Champs des Possible, 2022
Photo credit: A. Poteete
Absentee voting for Senegalese legislative elections of 2012 in Montreal
Photo credit: A. Poteete

Teaching activities

Courses Offered at Concordia University


Undergraduate Level:

  • BCEE 342: Structural Analysis I
  • BCEE 343: Structural Analysis II
  • BCEE 344: Structural Design I (Structural Steel Design)
  • BCEE 345: Structural Design II (Reinforced Concrete Design)
  • BCEE 452: Matrix Analysis of Structures
  • BCEE 455: Structural Dynamics
  • CIVI 453: Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • BCEE 452: Fundamental of Finite Elements Analysis of Structures
  • ENGR 242: Statics
  • ENGR 244: Mechanics of Materials


Graduate Level:


·        ENGR 6511: Matrix Analysis of Structures

·        ENGR 6581: Structural Dynamics

·        CIVI 6011: Precast and Prestressed Concrete Structures

·        CIVI 6001:Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

·        BLDG 6931: Infrastructure Rehabilitation

·        ENGR 6531: Finite Element Method in Structural Mechanics


Courses Offered at University of Calgary


Undergraduate Level:


·        ENGG 205: Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics)

·        ENGG 253: Engineering Design and Communication

·        ENCI 461: Mechanics of Materials

·        ENCI 545: Theory of Structures I

·        ENCI 547: Theory of Structures II

·        ENCI 557: Structural Steel Design


Graduate Level:


·        ENCI 653: Theory and Applications of the Finite Element Method

Research activities

Selected Publications

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