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Dr. Sandra Gabriele, PhD

Vice-Provost, Innovation in Teaching & Learning
Professor, Communication Studies
Board member, Media History Research Centre, Milieux Institute

Dr. Sandra Gabriele, PhD
Sandra Gabriele is wearing a black shirt and a thick silver necklace. She has curly, short brown hair, with brown eyes and is wearing red lipstick.
Website(s): The Oldest Game, A Newsgame
Availability: I am currently serving my second term as Vice-Provost, Innovation in Teaching & Learning. I am not teaching while serving in this role, or accepting any new graduate students. My post as Vice-Provost will conclude in 2026.


BA, English Language & Literature, Wilfrid Laurier University

MA, Women’s Studies, St. Mary’s/Dalhousie/Mount Saint Vincent Universities

PhD, Communication Studies, Concordia University

Supervision Profile

While serving as Vice-Provost for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, I am unable to accept new students.

Research activities

Current Projects

While the idea of leisurely sitting down with a paper over coffee seems almost antiquated now, weekend papers (Saturdays in Canada, Sundays in the U.S.) were key to increasing and expanding readerships and essential in establishing the newspaper as a key participant in modernity and popular culture. In addition to mapping the changes to 26 newspapers in 13 cities across North America, The Sunday Paper explores the intersections between newspapers and other communications technologies. Examining the period between popularization (1890s) into the early part of the 20th century (to the 1920s), newspapers were shameless in their appropriation of other communication technologies, including (among others) magazines, film and radio. The book is forthcoming from the University of Illinois Press.

This interest in how the newspaper changed in response to emergent media technologies has also extended to the contemporary moment in a project that explores how news stories translate into digital games. Designed to provide readers/players with a deeper contextual understanding of the social, political, economic and policy systems that often drive news stories but aren’t adequately explored in conventional news, newsgames provide an immersive experience for readers/players to better understand the systems at work in news stories. The Oldest Game, A Newsgame, explores sex work in Canada. Can games do journalism differently? How can game mechanics add complexity and nuance to journalistic storytelling? What are the relationships between long form journalism and digital games?

Book Cover of The Sunday Paper features the title over an image of a man and woman surrounded by broadsheet newspapers.

Teaching activities

Student Supervision

Doctoral Supervision

Holowoka, Eileen. PhD in Communication Studies. Completed.

Chen, Menghsu. “Digital News and Negotiated Agency: The Practice of Newsmaking in China’s Newspapers.” PhD in Communication Studies. Concordia University. Completed.

St. Pierre, Marilou. “Les journalistes sportives québécoises: regard diachronique sur les parcours professionnels et l’évolution du journalisme sportif dans une perspective genrée.” PhD in Communication Studies. Concordia University. Completed

Masters Supervision

Couture, Sadie. Master of Arts in Media Studies. Department of Communication Studies. Completed.

Hernández, Marisol Montúfar. Master of Arts in Media Studies. Department of Communication Studies. Concordia University. Completed

Hill, Katherine. “Building Bridges Online: Young Indigenous Women Building Community and Representing Culture on Social Media.” Master of Arts in Media Studies. Department of Communication Studies. Concordia University. Entered 2014. Graduated 2016.

Rice, Kristen. “Representations of Space, Identity, and Nation in Canadian Illustrated News: A Discourse Analysis of 19th Century Canadian Nationalism.” Master of Arts in Media Studies. Department of Communication Studies. Concordia University. Graduated 2014.  

Zenger, Nancy. “APPropriate Fitness: Governing the Fit Body through Mobile Media.” Master of Arts in Media Studies. Concordia University. Graduated 2013.

Coulombe, Jordan. Co-Supervisor with Matt Soar. “Crooked Print: Queer Counterdiscourses and the Endurance of Print Media.” Master of Arts in Media Studies. Concordia University. Graduated 2013.



2022. PaulMoore and Sandra Gabriele. The SundayPaper: A Media History. University of Illinois Press.

2011. Straw, William, Sandra Gabriele & Ira Wagman, eds. Intersections of Media and Communications:Concepts and Critical Frameworks. Toronto, ON: Emond MontgomeryPublications.

Journal Articles

Under Review. Henle, S., Dinan, S.,Marcoux, M., Barrington, J., Ginsburg, J., & Gabriele, S. “Integrating a 21st century skills development curriculum incapstone internship courses: A SoTL team project.” To be submitted to: CanadianJournal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Anticipatedsubmission: November 2023.


In progress. Gabriele, S., Spoor,J., Donald, J. “Promoting Faculty Well-Being through Mindful Self-Compassion.” (workingtitle). To be submitted to: To Improve the Academy: A Journal of EducationalDevelopment. Anticipated submission: December 2023.


In progress. Gabriele, S., Paré, D.,Smeltzer, S., eds. Special Issue of Canadian Journal of Communication,“Teaching media and communication studies in polarized times.” Double issue. Expectedpublication: 2026. Proposals under consideration.

Book Chapters

McCartney,Andra & Sandra Gabriele. “Soundwalking at Night.” Elena Biserna, ed. GoingOut: Walking, Listening, Soundmaking. Brussels: Umland Editions, 2022.371-377.


Gabriele,Sandra. “A View from Somewhere: Designing TheOldest Game, A Newsgame to Speak Nearby.” Jacqueline Wernimont & LizLosh, eds. Bodies of Information: IntersectionalFeminism and Digital Humanities. University of Minnesota Press Debates inthe Digital Humanities (Gold & Klein, series editors). University ofMinnesota Press. 2018. 447-465.


Gabriele,Sandra & Natalie Z. Walschots. « Une vue de quelque part :Concevoir Le plus vieux jeu du monde» dans Le témoignage personnel et intime,un levier de changement social? Mensah, M.N. (dir.). Montréal: Presses del’Université du Québec. 2017. 161-180.



2022-2023        PI,“La pédagogie contemplative pour favoriser la réflexion et le bien-être” (ContemplativePedagogies for Reflection & Well-being). Entente Canada-Québec, ActionLocale. Total Awarded $149,845.


2019-2021        PI,“FUSION(Future Skills Innovation Network) for Universities.”Future Skills Centre/Centre des compétences futures. Invited partners: SimonFraser, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, Carleton University,Memorial University.” Awarded to Concordia:$2,500,000.


2018-2021        PI,“eAccès: Accroître l’accessibilité à nos environnements numériquesd’apprentissage pour les étudiantes et étudiants postsecondaires” (eAccess:Expanding Accessibility in our Digital Learning Environments for Post-Secondarystudents), Entente Canada-Québec, Action concertée. Invited partners:McGill University, Bishop’s University, Dawson College, Cégep à distance,AdapTech research network. Total Awarded $605,950.

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