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Christine DeWolf, PhD

Professor , Chemistry and Biochemistry
Vice-Dean, Dean of Arts & Science (Office)
Co-Director, Centre for NanoScience Research

Christine DeWolf, PhD

Research interests

Biophysical, Environment, Organic, and Physical Chemistry.


BSc (Hons.) Saint Mary's University
PhD Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, University of London

Postdoctoral fellow

Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

Research activities

Current research projects

Interaction of antimicrobial peptides with model membranes

Pollutant (small molecule oxidants and nanoparticle) damage to membranes

Nanocarriers for drug delivery

Langmuir monolayer structure and organization

Tailored surfaces for biocompatibility, biosensing and bio-targeting


  • CHEM 234: Physical Chemistry I
  • CHEM 335: Biophysical Chemistry
  • CHEM 451: Nanochemistry
  • CHEM 435: Interfacial Phenomena


Recent publications

L.S.A. pereia, A.A. Camacho, A.M. Almeida Jr., R.S. Goncalves, W. Caetano, C.E. DeWolf, P.H.B. Aoki (20022), Mechanisms of hypericin incorporation to explain the photooxidation outcomes in phospholipid biomembrane models, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 244, 105181.

X. Yan, K. Kumar, R. Miclette-Lamarche, H. Youssef, C.E. DeWolf, D.E. Warschawski,I. Marcotte, G. Shaw, E. Boisellier (2021). Interactions between S100A10 andphospholipid monolayers and bilayers, Langmuir, 37(32), 9652-9663.

L.Gravel-Tatta, C. DeWolf, A. Badia (2021) (CD and AB co-corresponding authors),Are Plant-based carbohydrate nanoparticles safe for inhalation? Investigatingtheir interactions with the pulmonary surfactant using Langmuir monolayers,Langmuir, 37(42), 12365-12376.

E.C. Wrobel, L.S. de Lara, T.A.S. do Carmo, P. Castellen, M. Lazzarotto, S.R. DeLázaro, A. Camilo Jr., L. Caseli, R. Schmidt, C.E. DeWolf, K. Wohnrath (2020),Study of the antibacterial activity of p-tert-butylcalix[6]arene and its effecton a membrane model: Molecular Dynamics and Langmuir films studies, PCCP, 22,6154-6166.

H.  Youssef, C. DeWolf (2020) Interfacial Self-Assembly of Antimicrobial Peptide GL13K into Non-Fibril Crystallineβ‑Sheets, Langmuir, 36, 660-665

R.Miclette Lamarche, C. DeWolf (2020) omega-Thiolation of phenolic surfactantsenables controlled conversion between extended, bolaform and multilayerconformations, Langmuir, 36(11), 2847-2857.

A.R.N.Bastos, C.D.S Brites, P.A. Rojas-Gutierrez, R.A.S. Ferreira, R.L. Longo, C. DeWolf, J.A. Capobianco, L.D Carlos (2020). Thermal properties of lipid bilayers derived from the transient heating regime of upconverting nanoparticles, Nanoscale, 12, 24169-24176.

X. Yan, F. Noël, I. Marcotte, C.  DeWolf, D. Warschawski, E. Boisselier (2020) AHNAK C-terminal peptide membrane binding - Interactions between the residues 5654-5673 of AHNAK and phospholipid monolayers and bilayers, Langmuir, 36, 1,362-369.

R. Miclette Lamarche, C. DeWolf (2019). Strong headgroup interactions drive highly directional growth and unusual phase co-existence in self-assembled phenolic films. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11, 48, 45354-45363.

ARN Bastos, CDS Brites, PA Rojas-Gutierrez, C DeWolf, RAS Ferreira, JA Capobianco, LD Carlos (2019). Thermal Properties of Bilayers Determined Using Upconversion Nanothermometry. Advanced Functional Materials, 29 (48), 1905474.

P. Rojas-Gutierrez, D. Bekah, J.  Seuntjens, C.E. DeWolf, J.A. Capobianco (2019) Cellular Uptake, Cytotoxicity and Trafficking of Supported Lipid Bilayer Coated Lanthanide Upconverting Nanoparticles in Alveolar Lung Cancer Cells. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2(10), 4527-4536.

S. Behyan, D. Gritzalis, R. Schmidt, E. Kebede, L.A. Cuccia, C. DeWolf (2019), Structural organization and phase behaviour of meta-substituteddioctadecylaminobenzoquinones at the air/water interface, PCCP, 21, 2345-2350 (selected as 2019 hot article).

O. Borozenko, M. Faral, S. Behyan, A. Khan, M. Faral, C. DeWolf, A. Badia (2018) Silica Nanoparticle-Induced Structural Re-organizations in Pulmonary Surfactant Films: What Monolayer Compression Isotherms Do Not Say. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 1, 9, 5268-5278

P. Rojas-Gutierrez, C. Mingoes, S.Bhuckory, N. Hildebrandt, C. DeWolf, J.A. Capobianco (2018) A route to Triggered Delivery via Photocontrol of Lipid Bilayer Properties Using Lanthanide Upconversion Nanoparticles. ACS Applied Nanomaterials, 1, 9, 5345-5354.

S. Behyan, O. Borozenko, A. Khan,M. Faral, A. Badia, C. DeWolf (2018) Nanoparticle-Induced Structural Changes in Lung Surfactant Membranes: An X-ray Scattering Study. Environmental Science: Nano., 5; 1218-1230.

A. Raveendran, C. DeWolf, W. Bu,S. McWhirter, M. Meron, B. Lin,and M.-V. Meli (2017), Langmuir Films of n‑Alkanethiol-Capped Gold Nanoparticles and n‑Alkanes: Interfacial Mixing Scenarios Assessed by X‑ray Reflectivity and Grazing Incidence Diffraction, J. Phys. Chem. C, 122, 2975 -2982.

P.A. Rojas Gutierrez, C. DeWolf, J.A. Capobianco (2016), Formation of a Supported Lipid Bilayer on Faceted LiYF4:Tm3 ,Yb3 Upconversion Nanoparticles, Particle &Particle Systems Characterization, 33, 865-870.

S. Selladurai, R. Schmidt, C. DeWolf (2016), Influence of Subphase Composition on Model Lung Surfactant Films, Langmuir, 32 (41),10767–10775.

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