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Andrea Hunter, PhD

Associate Professor, Journalism

Andrea Hunter, PhD
Office: L-CJ 3.247  
Communication Studies and Journalism Building,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2485


Andrea Hunter has worked for CBC Radio on national and regional shows for over a decade. She was a producer, on-air contributor, and fill-in host of The Roundup, a daily national arts and entertainment program on CBC Radio One. She has also been a producer, reporter, and host on morning and afternoon shows on CBC Radio One in Prince Rupert, Halifax, Vancouver, Victoria and Ottawa. She has contributed to Definitely Not the Opera, on CBC Radio One, The World at Six, and has been an associate producer on Studio Sparks, a national classical music program on CBC Radio Two. She began her career in private radio and television, working in Northern Manitoba and Northern BC.


Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University
Master of Journalism, Carleton University
PhD, Sociology, Queen's University

Research Areas

My research interests are in journalism and sociology. I have published on a variety of diverse topics including journalism and crowdfunding, women in journalism, the digital humanities, the digital sublime, and the political economy of mommy blogging.

Research activities

Current Research Projects



Hunter, A. (2021). Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing in journalism. Routledge.

Book Chapters

Hunter, A., O’Donnell, P., & Cohen, N. (forthcoming). Not ‘Just Another Job’: Journalism as Public Service. In T. Marjoribanks, L. Zion, P. O’Donnell, & M. Sherwood (Eds.), Journalists and Job Loss. Routledge.

Hunter, A. (2019). From the Women’s Pages to the Digital Ages: Women and Journalism in Canada. In L. Nichols (Ed.),Working Women in Canada: An Intersectional Approach (pp. 287-302). Toronto: Women’s Press, Canadian Scholars’ Press.

Hunter, A. (2018). “It’s like having a second full-time job”: Crowdfunding, journalism and labour.

In K. Rafter (Ed.) Entrepreneurial Journalism. Routledge.

Hunter, A. & Mosco, V. (2014). Virtual dystopia.In M. Grimshaw (Ed.), The Oxford handbook of virtuality (pp. 727-737). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Aston, M., Price, S., Hunter, A., Etowa, J., Sim, M., Monaghan, J., & Payton, M. (2020). Second Opinions: Negotiating Agency in Online Mothering Forums. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.


Cohen, N., Hunter, A., & O’Donnell, P. (2019). Bearing the Burden of Corporate Restructuring: Job Loss and Precarious Employment in Canadian Journalism. Journalism Practice, 13(7), 817-833.


Hunter, A., & Di Bartolomeo, J. (2018) “We’re a movement”: Crowdfunding, journalism and feminism. Feminist Media Studies.


Price, S., Aston, M., Monaghan, J., Sim, S., Tomblin Murphy, G., Etowa, J., Pickles, M., Hunter, A., & Little, V. (2017). Maternal knowing and social networks: Understanding first time mothers' search for information and support through online and offline social networks. Qualitative Health Research.


Aston, M., Price, S., Monaghan, J.,Sim, M., Hunter, A., & Little, V. (2017). Navigating and negotiating information and support: Experiences of first time mothers. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27(3-4),640-649.


Hunter, A. (2016). Monetizing the mommy: Mommy blogs and the audience commodity.

Information, Communication, & Society, 19(9), 1306-1320.


Hunter, A. (2016). “It’s like having a second full-time job”: Crowdfunding, journalism and labour.

Journalism Practice, 10(2), 217-232.


Hunter, A. (2015). Crowdfunding independent and freelance journalism: Negotiating journalistic norms of autonomy and objectivity. New Media & Society,17(2), 272-288.


Hunter, A. (2015). Lesbian mommy blogging in Canada: Documenting subtle homophobia in

Canadian society and building community online. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 19(2), 212-229.


Hunter, A. (2015). The digital humanities and democracy. Canadian Journal of Communication,



Hunter, A. (2014). Digital humanities as third culture. MedieKultur: Journal of Media and

Communication Research, 57, 18-33.

Selected conferences

2018. Truth and Democracy Speaker's Series, Concordia Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism Studies. Montreal, QC. Panel Presentation with Dr. J.S. Archambault (Concordia): Intimate Truths

2017. American Sociological Association. Montreal, QC. Panel Presentation with Dr. B. Southwell, RTI International: Broadcasting Sociology - What Can Be Learned from Taking to the Airwaves?

2017. Is No Local News Bad News? Local Journalism and its Future. Toronto, ON. Paper: Crowdfunding Local Journalism. Presented with Ryan Moyer (MA Candidate, Concordia)

2016. Canadian Association of Work and Labour Studies. Calgary, AB. Paper: Journalism, Labour and Crowdfunding.

2016. Canadian Sociological Association. Calgary. AB. Paper: Women, Journalism and Crowdfunding.

2015 Social Media & Society Conference. Toronto, ON. Paper: Get Off My Internets: The Audience Commodity and the Mommy Blog Backlash.

2015. International Association for Media and Communication Research, Montreal, QC. Paper: Monetizing the Mommy: The Rise and Fall of the Radical Mommy Blog.

2015 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Canadian Communication Association, Ottawa, ON. Paper: The Ethics of Crowdfunding and Philanthropy in Journalism: Who Cares Where the Money Comes From?

2015. Theorizing the Web. New York NY. Paper: Crowdfunding, Crackstarter and Changing Journalistic Norms.

2014. Holding Power to Account: Investigative Journalism, Democracy and Human Rights, Winnipeg, MB. Paper: Investigative Journalism and Crowdfunding.

2012 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Canadian Sociological Association, Waterloo, ON. Paper: The Other Parent: Online Identity Work in Same Sex Relationships

2010 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Canadian Sociological Association, Montreal, QC. Paper: Class based on Code: An Examination of Hierarchies in the Digital Humanities

Teaching activities

Winter 2023
JOUR 642 - Podcasting

Fall 2022
JOUR 207 - Introduction to Multimedia (Section I - Audio/Radio)

Previous Courses
JOUR 620 - Journalism Ethics
JOUR 603 - Political Economy of Journalism
JOUR 530 - Advanced Radio Newsroom 
JOUR 500 - Perspectives on Contemporary Media
JOUR 444 - Critical Approaches to Journalism
JOUR 443 - The Digital Magazine
JOUR 330 - Radio Newsroom
JOUR 205 - Principles of Journalistic Thought and Practice

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