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Claudine Gauthier, PhD

Associate Professor, Physics
Co-op Director, Physics

Claudine Gauthier, PhD
Office: L-SP 367.27  
Richard J. Renaud Science Complex,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2193

Research interests

Cerebral metabolic and vascular imaging
The impact of aging and lifestyle on the brain
Functional MRI BOLD signal modeling
Quantitative imaging of plasticity

Selected publications



Crowdus, M. 2018. Hip Hop in Urban Borderlands: Music-Making and Intercultural Dynamics on the Margins of the Jewish State. Bern: Peter Lang.


Crowdus, M. 2016. ‘Hip Hop in South Tel Aviv: Third-Space, Convergent Dispossession(s), and Intercultural Communication in Urban Borderlands’. PhD Thesis, City University London, Open Access.

Co-authored Books

Crowdus, M., Randhofer, R.,Ross, S. 2020. Jüdisches KulturerbeMUSIK -Divergenzen und Zeitlichkeit. Überlegungen zu einer Kulturellen Nachhaltigkeit aus Sicht der Jüdischen MusikstudienSarah Ross (ed.) 
Bern:Peter Lang. 

Book Chapters

Crowdus, M. 2021. ‘Remembering the Destruction, Re-animating the Collective: Romaniote Liturgical Music after the Holocaust’, in The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Music, Tina Frühauf (ed.), New York: Oxford University Press.

Crowdus, M. 2021. ‘Collective Memory in Jewish Popular Music: (Re)constructions across Generations’, in We Will Live After Babylon: Armenian and Jewish Historical Experience between Expulsion, Exile and Destruction, Regina Randhofer, Sarah Ross (eds.) Oldenburg: Walter de Gruyter.

Crowdus, M. 2020. with Ross, Sarah. ‘Applied Ethnomusicology and Jewish Music Studies: Negotiating “Third Mission” Requests in Germany Today’, in Diggin' Up Music: Musikethnologie als BaustelleMichael Führ, Kersten Klenke, Julio Mendivil (eds.) Hildesheim: Olms Verlag, pp.104-127

Crowdus, M. 2020. ‘Blackness, Mizrahi Identity and Ethnic Shifting in Contemporary Israeli Popular Music’ in Selected Racial Boundaries: The Social Life of Blackness in Israel. Uri Dorchin, Gabriella Djerrahian (eds). Albany, NY:SUNY Press.


Crowdus, M. 2015.“Deviance, Polyvalence and Musical ‘Third Space’: Negotiating Boundaries of Jewishness at Palestinian Hip Hop Performances” in Boundaries, Identity and Belonging in Modern Judaism. M. Diemling and L. Ray (Eds.): Routledge. 


Peer-Reviewed Articles


Crowdus, M. 2020. ‘Jewish Women and Israeli Music’ in The Shalvi-Hyman Encyclopedia
of Jewish Women
. (2020 Edition; multiple eds.)

Crowdus, M. 2019. ‘Rescuing a Nearly-Lost Liturgical Tradition: Synagogue Music of the Romaniote Jews in Greece’. The Journal of Synagogue Music, Joseph Levine (ed.) March 2019.

Crowdus, M. 2018. ‘Women’s Rosh Chodesh Services in Orthodox Judaism: Music, Gender, and Power-Negotiations on the Periphery’. Bet-Debora Conference Proceedings. Creating Alternative for Jewish Women in Europe. Breslau, Poland. 2016.

Crowdus, M. 2017. “Redefining the Music-Object in the Synagogue: Ethics and Dissonances in the Museum Display of Jewish Musical Practices”. Publication of the Third International Congress on Jewish Architecture “Synagogue and Museum”, Kathrine Kessler, Ulrich Knufinke (eds.). Braunschweig, Germany.

Book Reviews:

Crowdus, M. 2016. “Review of Jewish Contiguities and the Soundtrack of Israeli History.” Jewish Culture and History: Routledge.

Crowdus, M. 2014. “Review of Ethnographic Encounters in Israel: Poetics and Ethics of Fieldwork.” Jewish Culture and History: Routledge. 

Other Publications:

Crowdus, M. 2019. ‘Cantor Haim Ischakis: Synagogue Music of the Romaniote Jews of Greece’ CD Liner notes: EZJM Ethnographic Fieldwork Recordings Series.

Crowdus, M. 2020. ‘From Mumbai to Sydney: Oral Traditions of Synagogue Chant in the Jewish-Babylonian Diaspora’ CD Liner notes: EZJM Ethnographic Fieldwork Recordings Series.



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