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Dr. Pablo Bianucci, PhD

Associate Professor, Physics
Graduate Program Director, Physics

Dr. Pablo Bianucci, PhD


PhD (The University of Texas at Austin)

Research interests

  • Physics and applications of nano- and micro-photonic devices
  • Optical properties of nanomaterials
  • Interaction of nanomaterials with optical resonators
  • Applications of optical resonators

Research activities

  • Learning Toolkit Plus Educational Software;
  • ABRACADABRA Early Reading Software 
  • READS digital library of multilingual stories and books
  • ELM, early numeracy software
  • ePEARL, self-regulation process portfolio
  • IS-21, information literacy tool.

Current projects

Software development and research for enhancing the emerging literacy skills of young children; electronic process and showcase portfolios; primary, secondary & postseasonal technology integration; and systematic reviews of research for evidence-based practice and knowledge mobilization

Simulated magnetic field profile of a resonant mode in a photonic crystal ring resonator
Photo credit: Kathleen McGarvey-Lechable
Scanning electron microscope image of a photonic crystal ring resonator fabricated on the Silicon-on-Insulator platform.
Photo credit: Kathleen McGarvey-Lechable and Amir Hassanpour
Scanning electron microscope images of patterned nanorods on silicon substrates. Panel A is a view from the top, while insets B and C are 60-degree-tilted views. The Scale bars indicate 1 µm for A and B, and 200 nm for inset C.
Photo credit: Amir Hassanpour

Selected publications

Teaching activities

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