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Barbara Woodside, PhD

Distinguished Emeritus Professor, Psychology
Director, Center for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology (CSBN)

Barbara Woodside, PhD


Behavioral and neuroendocrinological studies of maternal behavior, food intake, diet selection and their relationship to reproductive state.

The major goal of my research program is to use a rat model to explore the complex interaction of neural, endocrine and behavioral processes that enable female mammals to successfully meet the challenge of pregnancy and lactation. Elucidating these mechanisms is clearly important for understanding the physiology and behavior of pregnant and lactating mammals and there is sufficient overlap among species that some of our findings may relate to human and non-human primates, as well as to other rodents. In addition, pregnancy and lactation are transient states, and the mechanisms that are recruited during these states which in some instances reflect profound changes in brain neurochemistry and morphology, are also transient. Thus, investigating these mechanisms and the circumstances that are necessary and sufficient to induce them provides an opportunity to study the plasticity of brain mechanisms and their control.

Selected publications

Pohl J, Woodside B, Luheshi GN (2014) Leptin modulates the late fever response to LPS in diet-induced obese animals. Brain Behav Immun. [PubMed] [Content]

Aguilar-Valles A, Kim J, Jung S, Woodside B, Luheshi GN (2014) Role of brain transmigrating neutrophils in depression-like behavior during systemic infection. Mol Psychiatry 19:599-606. [PubMed] [Content]

Ladyman SR, Woodside B (2014) Food restriction during lactation suppresses Kiss1 mRNA expression and kisspeptin-stimulated LH release in rats. Reproduction 147:743-751. [PubMed] [Content]

Maric T, Woodside B, Luheshi GN (2014) The effects of dietary saturated fat on basal hypothalamic neuroinflammation in rats. Brain Behav Immun 36:35-45. [PubMed] [Content]

Pohl J, Sheppard M, Luheshi GN, Woodside B (2014) Diet-induced weight gain produces a graded increase in behavioral responses to an acute immune challenge. Brain Behav Immun 35:43-50. [PubMed] [Content]

Inhasz Kiss AC, Woodside B, Sinzato YK, Bernardi MM, De Grava Kempinas W, Anselmo-Franci JA, Damasceno DC (2013) Neonatally induced mild diabetes: influence on development, behavior and reproductive function of female Wistar rats. Diabetol Metab Syndr 5:61. [PubMed] [Content]

Pohl J, Luheshi GN, Woodside B (2013) Effect of obesity on the acute inflammatory response in pregnant and cycling female rats. J Neuroendocrinol 25:433-445. [PubMed] [Content]

Hussain D, Hoehne A, Woodside B, Brake WG (2013) Reproductive experience modifies the effects of estradiol on learning and memory bias in female rats. Horm Behav 63:418-423. [PubMed] [Content]

Woodside B, Budin R, Wellman MK, Abizaid A (2012) Many mouths to feed: the control of food intake during lactation. Front Neuroendocrinol 33:301-314. [PubMed] [Content]

Kiss AC, Woodside B, Felício LF, Anselmo-Franci J, Damasceno DC (2012) Impact of maternal mild hyperglycemia on maternal care and offspring development and behavior of Wistar rats. Physiol Behav 107:292-300. [PubMed] [Content]

Salmaso N, Cossette MP, Woodside B (2011) Pregnancy and maternal behavior induce changes in glia, glutamate and its metabolism within the cingulate cortex. PLoS One 6:e23529. [PubMed] [Content]

Salmaso N, Quinlan MG, Brake WG, Woodside B (2011) Changes in dendritic spine density on layer 2/3 pyramidal cells within the cingulate cortex of late pregnant and postpartum rats. Horm Behav 60:65-71. [PubMed] [Content]

Numan M, Woodside B (2010) Maternity: Neural mechanisms, motivational processes, and physiological adaptations. Behav Neurosci 124:715-741. [PubMed] [Content]

Shalev U, Tylor A, Schuster K, Frate C, Tobin S, Woodside B (2010) Long-term physiological and behavioral effects of exposure to a highly palatable diet during the perinatal and post-weaning periods. Physiol Behav 101:494-502. [PubMed] [Content]

Salmaso N, Hicks J, Woodside B (2010) Effects of parturition on immediate early gene protein expression within the brains of female rats. Neuroscience 169:936-944. [PubMed] [Content]

Pohl J, Woodside B, Luheshi GN (2009) Changes in hypothalamically mediated acute-phase inflammatory responses to lipopolysaccharide in diet-induced obese rats. Endocrinology 150:4901-4910. [PubMed] [Content]

Barbosa-Vargas E, Pfaus JG, Woodside B (2009) Sexual behavior in lactating rats: role of estrogen-induced progesterone receptors. Horm Behav 56:246-253. [PubMed] [Content]

Ladyman SR, Woodside B (2009) Regulation of maternal food intake and mother-pup interactions by the Y5 receptor. Physiol Behav 97:91-97. [PubMed] [Content]

Salmaso N, Nadeau J, Woodside B (2009) Steroid hormones and maternal experience interact to induce glial plasticity in the cingulate cortex. Eur J Neurosci 29:786-794. [PubMed] [Content]

Salmaso N, Woodside B (2008) Fluctuations in astrocytic basic fibroblast growth factor in the cingulate cortex of cycling, ovariectomized and postpartum animals. Neuroscience 154:932-939. [PubMed] [Content]

Naef L, Woodside B (2007) Prolactin/Leptin interactions in the control of food intake in rats. Endocrinology 148:5977-5983. [PubMed] [Content]

Roy JF, Chretien MN, Woodside B, English AM (2007) Reduction and S-nitrosation of the neuropeptide oxytocin: implications for its biological function. Nitric Oxide 17:82-90. [PubMed] [Content]

Woodside B (2007) Prolactin and the hyperphagia of lactation. Physiol Behav 91:375-382. [PubMed] [Content]

Service G, Woodside B (2007) Inhibition of nitric oxide synthase within the medial preoptic area impairs pup retrieval in lactating rats. Behav Neurosci 121:140-147. [PubMed] [Content]

Fulton S, Woodside B, Shizgal P (2006) Potentiation of brain stimulation reward by weight loss: evidence for functional heterogeneity in brain reward circuitry. Behav Brain Res 174:56-63. [PubMed] [Content]

Salmaso N, Woodside B (2006) Upregulation of astrocytic basic fibroblast growth factor in the cingulate cortex of lactating rats: time course and role of suckling stimulation. Horm Behav 50:448-453. [PubMed] [Content]

Perrin JS, Segall LA, Harbour VL, Woodside B, Amir S (2006) The expression of the clock protein PER2 in the limbic forebrain is modulated by the estrous cycle. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103:5591-5596. [PubMed] [Content]

Woodside B (2006) Morphological plasticity in the maternal brain: comment on Kinsley et al.; motherhood and the hormones of pregnancy modify concentrations of hippocampal neuronal dendritic spines. Horm Behav 49:129-130. [PubMed] [Content]

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Salmaso N, Popeski N, Peronace LA, Woodside B (2005) Differential effects of reproductive and hormonal state on basic fibroblast growth factor and glial fibrillary acid protein immunoreactivity in the hypothalamus and cingulate cortex of female rats. Neuroscience 134:1431-1440. [PubMed] [Content]

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Abizaid A, Service G, Woodside BC (2004) Effects of estradiol on immediate early gene expression associated with ovulation in lactating rats: role of nutritional status. Brain Res 1001:72-77. [PubMed] [Content]

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Book chapters

Woodside B, Augustine RA, Ladyman SR, Naef L, Grattan DR (2008) Role of prolactin in the metabolic adaptations to pregnancy and lactation. In: Neurobiology of the Parental Brain, Academic Press, p. 249-268. [Content]

Fulton S, Woodside B, Shizgal P (2003) Energy balance and reward. In: Progress in Obesity Research: 9. Medeiros-Neto G, Halpern A, Bouchard C (ed), London: John Libbey, p. 818-821.

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