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Warren S. Linds, PhD

Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences

Graduate Program Director, Masters in Human Systems Intervention

Warren S. Linds, PhD

Dr. Linds has been a full-time faculty member at Concordia since August, 2004.Before beginning his graduate studies at the University of British Columbia in 1996, he spent 17 years working in international development education. Dr. Linds also worked for 6 years in community television, radio and newspapers in Vancouver and Newfoundland. He has had extensive experience in popular theatre and community development. This background has been critical to his teaching approach where he brings practical experiences and theoretical approaches together. Dr. Linds has published in the areas of group facilitation, anti-oppression and anti-racism pedagogy, the fostering of youth leadership, and alternative and arts-based approaches to qualitative research and documentation. He has presented at both national and international conferences in education, critical pedagogy, popular theatre and complexity theory.


Ph.D. Language and Literacy Education, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
B. A. Communication Arts, Loyola College, Université de Montreal

Research interests

  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Theatre as research
  • Community based participatory research
  • Anti-racism pedagogy
  • Healthy decision-making

Teaching activities

AERO 490 Aerospace Capstone Course

In this course, a large team of aerospace engineering students work together to develop an aircraft from scratch during two terms. The project covers all the aspects of a complex multidisciplinary aircraft development and provides theoretical and hands-on experiences in a context representative of the aerospace industry challenges. The results are presented to a panel of academic and industry specialists during the conceptual and preliminary design reviews.

AERO 371 Modelling and Control Systems

This class covers: Modelling of mechanical, electrical and electromechanical aerospace systems using ordinary differential equations, transfer functions and block diagrams; Linearization of non-linear systems; Analysis of the transient characteristics, steady-state characteristics and stability of the system's response using time domain, root-locus, and frequency response methods. Design of linear feedback control systems for stability and performance; Analysis and simulation techniques using Matlab/Simulink. 

Research activities

HiRAD - High Reliability Aerospace Design Lab

Participation activities


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