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Mariana Frank, PhD

Professor, Physics

Mariana Frank, PhD


PhD, MSc (University of Toronto)
BSc, Honours Physics (Concordia University)

Research interests

I am a High Energy Theorist and I work in the general area of Electroweak Theory/Beyond The Standard Model phenomenology.

My main areas of interest in research are:

  1. Supersymmetry, Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model and Beyond, with particular emphasis on U'(1) models and the Left-Right Supersymmetric Model.
  2. Precision Tests of Physics Beyond the Standard Model, especially CP violation and Flavor Violation (lepton flavor violation, electric dipole moments, top FCNC decays).
  3. Spontaneous symmetry violation (in particular the connection between R parity and CP).
  4. Theories with Warped Extra Dimensions and their consequences at colliders.
  5. Dark Matter candidates in supersymmetric and non-supersymmetric models (relic density, direct and indirect detection experiments, collider signals).
  6. LHC phenomenology: Higgs and top production and decays, extra gauge bosons, exotic particles and their consequences.

At present, I have active collaborations with high energy theorists in Montreal, Finland, France and India.

Recent publications

Recent Publications

1. Mariana Frank, Levent Selbuz and Ismail Turan, “Heavy Gauge Bosons in supersymmetric U(1)'

models at present and future hadron colliders”, Eur. Phys. J. C 81, 466 1-21 (2021).

2. B. Acharya et al., The MoEDAL Collaboration, “First search for dyons with the full MoEDAL trapping

detector in 13 TeV pp collisions”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 071801, 1-7 (2021).

3. Mariana Frank and Ipsita Saha, “Muon anomalous moment in Two-Higgs Doublet Models with

vector-like leptons", Phys. Rev. D 102, 115034, 1-15 (2020).

4. Mariana Frank, Yasar Hiçyılmaz, Stefano Moretti, Özer Özdal, “Leptophobic Z' bosons in the secluded

U(1'  model”, Phys. Rev. D 102, 115025, 1-23 (2020).

5. Mariana Frank, Chayan Majumdar, P. Poulose, Supriya Senapati, and Urjit A. Yajnik, “Exploring

neutrinoless double beta decay and Leptogenesis in the Alternative Left-Right Model”, Phys. Rev. D 102, 075020, 

1-15 (2020).

6. Jack Araz, Mariana Frank, and Benjamin Fuks, “Reinterpreting the results of the LHC with MadAnalysis:

uncertainties and higher-luminosity estimates”, Eur. Phys. J. C 80 531 1-21 (2020).

7. Mariana Frank, Benjamin Fuks, Katri Huitu, Subhadeep Mondal, Santosh Kumar Rai and Harri

Waltari, “The left-right supersymmetric option at a high-energy upgrade of the LHC”, Phys. Rev. D 101,

1150184, 1-10 (2020).

8. Mariana Frank, Yasar Hiçyılmaz, Stefano Moretti, Özer Özdal, “E6 Motivated UMSSM Confronts

Experimental Data”, JHEP05 123, 1-23 (2020).

9. Mariana Frank, “Evading Z boson mass limits in U(1)' supersymmetric models”, Eur. Phys. J. Spec.

Top. 229, 3205-3220 (2020).

10. Mariana Frank, Benjamin Fuks, and Özer Özdal , “Natural dark matter and light bosons with an

alternative left-right symmetry”, JHEP04 116, 1-34 (2020).

11. Mariana Frank, Marc de Montigny, Pierre-Philippe A. Ouimet, James Pinfold, Ameir Shaa, Michael

Staelens, ““Searching for Heavy Neutrinos with the MoEDAL-MAPP Detector at the LHC”,  Phys. Lett. B

802 135204, 1-5 (2020).

For a complete list of papers published while at Concordia see inspire List.

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