Concordia University

Dale Stack, PhD

Professor, Psychology

Office: L-PY 170-13 
Psychology Building,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 7565
Website(s): Stack Lab Website
CRDH Website

Selected publications

Stack, D.M., Serbin, L.A., & Schwartzman, A.E. (2005).   Girls' aggression across the life course: Longterm outcomes and intergenerational risk.   In D. Peplar, K. Madsen, C. Webster, & K. Levene (Eds.), Development and treatment of girlhood aggression.   NJ: Erlbaum.

Serbin, L.A., Cooperman, J.M., Peters, P.L., Lehoux, P.M. , Stack, D.M., & Schwartzman, A.E. (1998). Intergenerational transfer of   psycho-social risk in women with childhood histories of aggression,withdrawal, or aggression and withdrawal.   Developmental Psychology , 34 , 1246-1262.

Stack, D.M. (2004).   Touching during mother-infant interactions.   In T.M. Field (Ed .). Touch and massage in early child development (pp. 49-81).   Johnson and Johnson Pediatric Institute, L.L.C.

Stack, D.M., & Arnold, S.L. (1998).   Changes in mothers' touch and hand gestures influence infant behavior during face-to-face interchanges.   Infant Behavior and Development , 21 (3), 451-468.

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