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Recent publications

COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Scenarios For Ontario, Canadian Journal of Economics
Miguel Casares, Paul Gomme, and Hashmat Khan

Testing the eigenvalue structure of spot and integrated covariance, Journal of Econometrics
Prosper Dovonon, Abderrrahim Taamouti, and Julian Williams

On the paradox of mediocracy, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
Qiang Fu, Ming Li, and Xue Qiao

Preference aggregation for couples, Social Choice and Welfare
Rouzbeh Ghouchani & Szilvia Pápai

U.S. Fiscal Policy During and After the Coronavirus, Canadian Journal of Economics
Paul Gomme

Education, Wage Dynamics, and Wealth Inequality, Review of Economic Dynamics
Heejeong Kim

Inequality, disaster risk, and the great recession, Review of Economic Dynamics
Heejeong Kim

Finite-State Markov Chains with Flexible Distributions, Computational Economics
Damba Lkhagvasuren and Erdenebat Bataa

Shock and awe or incentive-compatible harm reduction? Graphic health warnings on tobacco packages
Ian Irvine and Hai V. Nguyen  

Inequality, Disaster Risk, and the Great Recession, Review of Economic Dynamics
Heejeong Kim

Persuasion with costly precision, Economic Theory
Ming Li and Ariana Degan

Ordinally Bayesian incentive compatible probabilistic voting rules, Mathematical Social Sciences
Dipjyoti Majumdar and Arunava Sen

Robust incentive compatibility of voting rules with positively correlated beliefs, Social Choice and Welfare
Dipjyoti Majumdar and Souvik Roy

Vaccines for the COVID-19 α variant: An econometric analysis, European Journal of Medical & Health Sciences
James McIntosh

Robust Estimation with Exponentially Tilted Hellinger Distance, Journal of Econometrics
Bertille Antoine and Prosper Dovonon

The Evolution of the US Family Income-Schooling Relationship and Educational Selectivity,Journal of Applied Econometrics
Christian Belzil & Jorgen Hansen

Efficiency Bounds for Semiparametric Models with Singular Score FunctionsEconometric Reviews
Prosper Dovonon and Yves F. Atchadé

Inference in Second-Order Identified Models, Journal of Econometrics
Prosper Dovonon, Alastair R. Hall, and Frank Kleibergen

The economics of Integrated Multi‐Trophic Aquaculture: where are we now and where do we need to go? Reviews in Aquaculture
Duncan Knowler, Thierry Chopin, Rober Martínez‐Espiñeira, Amir Neori, Ana Nobre, Anthony Noce, and Gregor Reid


A Simple Efficient Moment-based Estimator for the Stochastic Volatility Model, Advances in Econometrics
Mohammad Ahsan and Jean-Marie Dufour

Unemployment Insurance Take-up Rates in an Equilibrium Search Model, European Economic Review
Stéphane Auray, David L. Fuller, and Damba Lkhagvasuren

Old, frail, and uninsured: Accounting for features of the U.S. long-term care insurance market, Econometrica
R. Anton Braun, Karen Kopecky, and Tatyana Koreshkova

Bootstrapping High-frequency Jump Tests, Journal of the American Statistical Association
Prosper Dovonon, Sílvia Gonçalves, Ulrich Hounyo, and Nour Meddahi

Debt Hangover in the Aftermath of the Great Recession, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Paul Gomme, Stéphane Auray and Aurélien Eyquem

The Impact of Income and Taxation in a Price-Tiered Cigarette Market, Tоbacco Control
Iftekharul Huq, Nigar Nargis, Damba Lkhagvasuren, AKM Ghulam Hussain, Geoffrey T Fong

Optimal Majority Rule in Referenda, Games
Ming Li and Qingqing Cheng

Ambiguous Persuasion, Journal of Economic Theory
Ming Li, Dorian Beauchêne and Jian Li

Hierarchy Leadership and Social Distance in Charitable Giving, Southern Economic Journal
Huan Xie and Jipeng Zhang

On the Future of Economic Design—The Personal Ruminations of a Matching Theorist, in The Future of Economic Design, The Continuing Development of a Field as Envisioned by Its Researchers (Laslier & al., eds.)
Szilvia Papai

Effect of Religious Priming in Prosocial and Destructive Behaviour, Pacific Economic Review
Huan Xie, Jipeng Zhang and Elizabeth Brown

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