New & current independent students

You’re in independent studies! Now what?

You've been granted authorization to register for courses as an undergraduate independent student. Carefully read your letter of authorization, sent to you by email, to learn about what you need to do next as a Concordia student.

Don’t forget these key steps:

  • Check for possible fee exemptions
    Quebec residents pay a lower tuition rate at Concordia. If you are a Quebec resident, make sure you confirm your residency status with Concordia before the fee payment deadline to avoid extra charges.
    In some situations, non-residents qualify for the Quebec tuition rate. If you meet the criteria, apply online for Quebec residency status through your Student Centre (click “Quebec Residency Application”).
  • Avoid a permanent code surcharge
    All students in Quebec have a permanent code. Provide Concordia with your permanent code by filling out the form online in your Student Centre to avoid extra fees. If you don’t already have a permanent code, Concordia will issue one when you fill out the form.
  • Submit immigration documents, if you are an international student approved to register at Concordia.

Recommended courses

Some Concordia degree and certificate programs require you to take certain courses to be eligible for admission. Others will suggest that you take courses as an independent student that will count towards your future program.

If you studied at CEGEP and this is your first time studying at Concordia, you may be entitled to a course exemption, which means you will be exempt from the requirement to take that specific course. Make sure to check if you are entitled to any course exemptions, so that you do not repeat the course at Concordia!

Reference the recommended courses for independent students and browse the Arts and Science elective courses open to independent students.

Course registration

For instructions on how to register for courses, follow our step-by-step guide.

Academic regulations

As an independent student, you follow the same Concordia rules and regulations as certificate or degree program students. You can find the academic regulations in the undergraduate calendar.

Once you’ve been granted authorization to register for courses as an undergraduate independent student, this is valid for 3 years. This means that even if you don’t register for any courses in the term you first applied to, you can register for courses for up to 3 years without submitting a new application. You will only need to submit a new application after three years of not taking any classes.

Resources for academic success

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