It is the responsibility of all international students studying at Concordia University to ensure that their immigration documents are valid and that they maintain legal status in Canada during the entire duration of their studies and stay in Canada.

The International Students Office (ISO) can assist you with:

All International Students will need upload their immigration documents (CAQ, Study Permit, Passport) through their Student Hub as soon as they arrive to Canada and at the latest by the DNE deadline of their first term.

What documents will you need?

All students need a valid passport. Whether you need to apply for your immigration documents for the first time or renew them, please ensure your passport is valid for at least six months or more.

All students studying for more than six months need a CAQ and Study Permit and, depending on where you are from, an Electronic Travel Authorizaiton (eTA) or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Below are instructions based on your current situation.


Anyone undertaking a course or program of study of more than six months in the province of Quebec MUST be authorized to do so by Immigration Quebec. This authorization is given in the form of a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) which is issued for the level of study and duration of the length of your program, e.g.  generally three years for a Bachelor or Ph.D. program, two years for a Master’s program. You will need a CAQ unless you fall under one of the exemption categories.

View sample of a CAQ approval letter and a CAQ certificate

International students who wish to pursue university studies of more than six months MUST obtain a Study Permit which is the required authorization to study in Canada. The study permit is issued for the duration of the length of your program, e.g. generally three years for a Bachelor or Ph.D. program, two years for a Master's program. Most international students will require a Study Permit to study in Canada. You will need a Study Permit unless you fall under one of the exemption categories.

For detailed information, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website

View sample of a Study permit

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