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Health insurance

Health insurance at Concordia

Immigration Quebec regulations require that all international students be covered by a Quebec issued health insurance plan that meets government standards, while studying in Quebec and during the entire validity period of their CAQ. In keeping with this government directive, Concordia University has negotiated a compulsory health and accident insurance plan with Blue Cross at a competitive cost that all Concordia international students must have. Consequently, personal health insurance plans are not accepted. 

Health insurance fees are automatically charged to all international students when registering for courses or when graduate students are Continuing in Program (CIP).

Please download and review your Blue Cross Health Insurance Policy Booklet carefully for the details of your coverage. You can also register and print your Blue Cross card online.

How much does it cost?

Health insurance fees are charged automatically when students register for courses. The annual coverage is from September 1 to August 31. 

Effective September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024

Period Duration Cost
September 1 to August 31 - fall, winter and summer
12 months $1,068.00
September 1 to April 30 - fall and winter

January 1 to August 31 - winter and summer
8 months $712.00

September 1 to December 31 - fall

January 1 to April 30 - winter

May 1 to August 31 - summer

4 months $356.00
Additional month   1 month $89.00
* Rates are subject to change.
All rates are in Canadian dollars.

Travel insurance

Your Blue Cross plan covers you throughout Canada. International students insured with Blue Cross who are looking for travel insurance. Call: 514-906-4923.

Get your COVID-19 vaccine in Quebec, for free!


How to make an appointment: 

  1. Go to

  1. Select a service: COVID-19 vaccine

  1. Enter your postal code

  1. You can then select a location where to get vaccinated, as well as a day and time. When registering, skip the question asking for your Quebec health insurance card number (unless you hold a valid RAMQ card) BUT check the box saying “I will bring a proper ID document with me to the appointment”. 

You must bring your passport and your study permit when you go to your appointment.

If you hold a valid RAMQ, please make sure to have it with you when booking your appointment and to bring it with when you go get vaccinated.

Where should I go if I need medical assistance?

An urgent health issue is one that requires attention soon, but it is not an emergency. For urgent health issues, you can contact or visit the Concordia Health Services clinics. You can also get same-day/urgent care in external clinics in Montreal. Information about how to find and book these appointments can be found in the Urgent care section of the Health Services website.

Another health care resources that is available to international students is Online Doctors (from Maple), which provides mental health care and other health services.

You can also contact your provincial Telehealth line (in Quebec dial 8-1-1).

If you think  your health issue may require immediate attention, call your provincial Telehealth line (in Quebec dial 8-1-1) to speak with a nurse for assessment and guidance.

If you think your life, or the life of someone you know, is in danger, go to the nearest emergency department or call 9-1-1. Those outside of Canada can consult International Emergency and Crisis Lines, by Country for resources.

If you are advised to visit a clinic or go to the emergency room, please make sure that you have your Blue Cross insurance card with you. You can download the card from the Medavie Blue Cross web site. You must have photo ID with you. We suggest you have your Concordia ID card and a photocopy of your passport.

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