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International health insurance claim forms

Claims submitted for in-person medical visits

In order to properly be reimbursed for expenses from the Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan for International Students, you will be required to submit claim forms to Blue Cross. It is recommended that you keep blank claim forms to bring with you when you visit your Doctor. Ask the Doctor to complete the required information on the claim form.

Claim forms are available to download at the following links:

If you require additional assistance in filling out a claim form please visit the ISO or attend a Health Insurance Information Session. (Review schedule)

For questions concerning the coverage, contact Blue Cross at 1-888-588-1212.

You have two options when you need to submit a claim for reimbursement:

1. Submit your claim form and accompanying receipt(s) via your Blue Cross online account

2. Mail your duly filled out claim form and accompanying receipt(s) to the address indicated in the top left corner of the claim form.

Students who visit Concordia Health Services with a valid health insurance card will NOT be required to submit a claim form for the visitation. Therefore if you feel that submitting claim forms is a complicated task, we recommend that you visit Concordia Health Services as they are familiar with the Concordia Health Insurance Plan for International Students and will submit the claim form directly to Blue Cross. 

If you need help filling out your claim form, you can call a Blue Cross Agent at 1-888-588-1212. 

If you have submitted a claim and have not received your reimbursement, you can check with an International Student Advisor at the ISO during regular office hours or you can call 1-800-588-1212 and speak with a Blue Cross Agent.

Claims submitted for Maple prescriptions

Every medication delivered to you will also have an associated receipt that will be provided. The receipt will break down the cost of your medication and dispensing fee. You will also be able to see an electronic copy of your receipt online or via the app. 

If you need help getting the receipt, you can call 1-855-950-7225 or e-mail

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