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The Student Centre (SIS)

Access your Student Centre (SIS) to complete tasks like adding or dropping courses and paying your fees.

  1. Log into the Student Hub
  2. Go to My CU Account
  3. Select Student Centre
Diagram showing that the information for the Student Centre (SIS) is located in the Student Hub, under My CU account.

How To guides

Here you will find resources – and who to contact if you need help.

Here are some quick links for current Concordia students seeking specific information:

Get registration help

Undergraduate students

If you encounter difficulties related to things like prerequisites, co-requisites, closed classes or permission required from a department, please refer to the following faculty-specific information:

Graduate students

Academic advice for graduate students varies depending on your program. For an overview of academic advising and suggested contacts by graduate program, visit the course registration page.

See also:

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