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How to swap a course (Mobile)

This guide explains how to swap a course in the Student Centre.

How to access your Student Centre

Log in to the Student Hub, select My CU Account, then the Student Centre.

Sign in with your Netname and password.

Student Centre

Search a class to swap

Select the Menu on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

Select Enrollment.

Select Enrollment

Select Enrollment Swap Clases.

Enrollment Swap Clases

Select the term of the class you want to swap.

Select Continue.

Select the term

Open the Swap This Class drop down list.

Swap This Class

Select the course you wish to swap from the courses from your schedule.

Select course

Select a class to swap with

Select the course you wish to swap it with.

You can select a course from your Course Cart.

If you do not know a class number, use the Class Search option and select Search.

Student Centre

Enter the class search criteria (minimum of two).

Class search criteria

Scroll through to view courses that match your search criteria.

To see the details of a course, navigate using the arrows.

Select Class.

Select Class

IMPORTANT: If you wish to be added to the wait list, choose Wait list if class is full.

Select Next.

Wait list if class is full

Confirm your selection, then select Finish Swapping.

Finish Swapping

View swap results

If you successfully swapped a course, you will see a green check mark in the Status column.

Course swapped - successful

If you did not swap a course successfully, an error message will explain why.

Course swap error
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