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How to apply to graduate (Mobile)

This is a guide for applying to graduate from your Student Centre.

Attending convocation is a separate registration process. You will receive information about convocation via email.

How to access your Student Centre

Log in to the Student Hub, select My CU Account, then the Student Centre.

Sign in with your Netname and password.

Student Centre

Apply for graduation

Select Academics to apply for graduation.

Select Academics

Select Apply for Graduation.

Apply for Graduation

Select Update Contact Information if you need to make changes to your contact information.

Update Contact Information

Select Apply for Graduation to start your application for graduation.

Student Centre

Provide academic and degree information

Select the Expected Graduation Term.

Provide any additional academic information.

Expected Graduation Term

Select the language you wish to have the degree printed in.

Choose between Traditional Degree or Gender Neutral

Select Continue.

Traditional Degree or Gender Neutral

Verify that your graduation information is accurate.

Your diploma is a legal document, so your legal name will appear on it. However, if you have already specified a preferred name in your file, that will be the name announced at convocation. There is a process to request a preferred name to be added to your file.

Official name

Select the checkboxes to agree to the terms and conditions of the graduation application.

Select Submit Application.

NOTE: You will be directed to the Payment screens to complete your payment.

Submit Application
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