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What’s a prerequisite?

Prerequisite courses

Prerequisite courses are courses that contain content required for another course, or one at a higher level.

In some cases, you may be required to get above a certain grade in a prerequisite course in order to move ahead.

MATH 206 must be taken before MATH 209.

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Course registration

Concordia allows students to register for courses for the full academic year in advance. This means that if you register for a course this term, you can also register for any course that requires it as a prerequisite conditionally for the following term.

You register for MATH 206 in Fall, and MATH 209 in Winter.

If you do not successfully complete the prerequisite course, you should drop the upcoming course and repeat the prerequisite one.

Be proactive!

Once your final grades are issued for the current term, and you realize that you have not a passed a prerequisite course, you must revise your schedule for next semester as soon as possible.

Drop MATH 209 from Winter if you did not pass MATH 206 in Fall.

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