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Undergraduate Forms & Procedures

Academic Requests

To request an exception to published academic regulations, please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor or join the JMSB Undergraduate office for daily walk-in advising in room MB 4.201. For dates and times please visit Academic Advising Appointments.

Student Forms

JMSB students who wish to request that previous university level business courses be evaluated for Concorida course equivalency can access the JMSB Transfer Credit Request form and complete the second page online (or manually).  Forward the form and copies of detailed course outlines/syllabi to 

*Note: Only courses that are part of the business program curriculum will be reviewed for specific Concordia course equivalency.  Courses that you have taken outside of a business program may be used to fulfill the elective requirement of your program, if deemed appropriate.  These credits will remain on your Concordia Student Record as general (GENL A).

Degree worksheets


Readmission Guidelines

Readmission may be restricted or denied to students in poor academic standing.

Assessed: May Not Register Without Special Permission

Students who receive this assessment may apply for immediate readmission if there were extenuating circumstances that led to their poor academic standing (illness, death in the family, etc.) or apply for automatic readmission after one year. Supporting documentation (doctor's note, death certificate, etc.) must be submitted with the application with an updated unofficial transcript. Students will be informed, in writing, of all necessary steps to apply for readmission.


Assessed: May Not Re-register

Students who receive this assessment must wait out at least three years before applying for readmission.

It is possible in specific situations to reduce the period of dismissal to less than three years, particularly when the student is within 12 credits of completion of the program’s requirements. Students in this situation must meet with an Academic Advisor. At this appointment, it will be determined if the period of dismissal from the program can be reduced. It is only with the Academic Advisor's permission that a student in such an academic situation can apply for readmission.

The deadline to submit the application for readmission is normally June 30th of every year. The exact deadline for the current year is specified on the application.

Readmission is not available for either the winter or summer session.

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