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Mission and strategic plan

Drafted in 2019, the John Molson School of Business strategic plan builds on the school’s strengths to propel it to new heights and to stake its position on the world stage as a forward-looking institution that produces valuable business research, prepares students for the job market and contributes meaningfully to society.


To be one of the most relevant, responsible, and respected business schools in the world.


To provide an engaging learning and research environment that empowers us to achieve our greatest potential for the betterment of business and society.

Core values

The following fundamental principles are beliefs that the John Molson School of Business is committed to upholding. They are part of the school’s strategic foundation and are meant to help guide decision-making and behaviour.  

  • Responsibility
    We value integrity, respect for others and social accountability
  • Inclusiveness
    We embrace accessibility and inclusion and draw strength from diversity
  • Engagement
    We believe in being proactive, collaborative and involved members of our community


The 2020-2025 John Molson Strategic Plan is the result of the tremendous dedication and efforts made by the Strategic Planning Committee. Thank you to the following committee members for the many hours spent helping form the new vision for the John Molson School of Business:

Guy Barbeau, Kathleen Boies, Karina Bosca, Abdullah Calafato, Louise Anne Cote, Barbara Henchey, Mai-Gee Hum, Yuri Mytko, David Newton, Nick Papatheodorakos, Mary Perri, Evan Pitchie, Caroline Roux, Marie Sanjur, Matthaeus Tekathen, Angela Usas, Navneet Vidyarthi.

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