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2023-2026 Strategic Plan

The John Molson School of Business strategic plan builds on the school’s strengths to propel it to new heights and to stake its position on the world stage.


To be one of the world’s most relevant, responsible and respected business schools.


To provide an engaging learning and research environment that empowers us to achieve our greatest potential.


To better business and society by creating and disseminating knowledge.

Core values

The following fundamental principles are beliefs that the John Molson School of Business is committed to upholding. They are part of the school’s strategic foundation and are meant to help guide decision-making and behaviour.

  • Responsibility means that we value integrity, respect for others and social accountability,
  • Inclusiveness refers to the fact that we embrace accessibility and inclusion and draw strength from diversity,
  • Engagement is a critical value that means that we believe in being proactive, collaborative and involved members of our community.

Overarching pursuits

  • Pursue continuous improvement through triple-crown accreditation
  • Celebrate and share John Molson School of Business successes
  • Foster a sense of belonging and engagement
  • Be a catalyst for positive societal impact

Strategic goals

  • Enrich teaching and learning
    • Offer a continuously relevant curriculum
    • Adopt innovative and engaging teaching methods
  • Promote collaborative and impactful research
    • Increase research efforts
    • Increase meaningful and impactful intellectual contributions
  • Enhance the John Molson School experience
    • Grow experiential opportunities beyond the classroom
    • Reinforce support for students, staff and faculty
  • Cultivate strong and sustainable partnerships
    • Expand nationally and internationally
    • Enhance partnerships with our alumni and the business community


Our revised 2023-2026 strategic plan takes over from the results of our earlier efforts and acknowledges the dynamic environment in which we find ourselves.

It sets forth a path to help all our stakeholders – students, faculty members, staff, alumni and external partners – in shaping the future of business and society by providing them with an environment that will empower them to reach their greatest potential.

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