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Custom solutions

One size doesn't fit all.

There’s no one playbook that’s applicable to every business. Each company is one-of-a-kind in its culture, strengths and challenges. Shouldn’t business training programs reflect this?

JMEC thinks so. That’s why we deliver customized and flexible learning and development designed to address your own unique needs. Our custom programs ensure that your team’s learning is always a tailored fit.

Custom solution topics


Leadership is a skill that demands continuous finessing and upgrading, especially in today’s changing and fast-paced business culture. Our programs teach and fine-tune leadership skills, preparing you to guide change in your organization. 


There’s no pause button when it comes to innovation. At any moment, you’re either disrupting or being disrupted. These programs focus on building the skills and mindset necessary for innovation to flourish in your organization.


Whether you’re a new, experienced or future manager,you need to develop the decision-making skills and capabilities that will lead teams towards organizational excellence. Put “Big Data” to work for you by learning how to transform it into relevant, strategic information so you can generate superior, more profitable business decisions.

Business acumen

Adaptable to any organization’s reality, these programs develop your ability for strategic thinking, analyzing critical organizational issues, and aligning your organization's vision and mission with operational realities. 

Tailoring your custom solutions

A custom solution is a powerful investment. Our team will guide you through the process. Follow these five easy steps to get your hands on the finest tailored solutions:

Team Effectiveness Assessment

Our assessment will help your team discover where its synergies lie, and what needs to be improved upon for the future. 

We can collaborate with these Concordia-based hubs, and more

District 3

District 3’s collaborative ecosystem is like a giant sandbox for innovators. You’ll have all the necessary tools (think 3D printers), resources and knowledge at hand to transform your impactful ideas into reality.

Knowledge One

KnowledgeOne specializes in online training programs development, production, hosting, and operational support. From instructional design to in-house audio/video experts they cover all your eLearning needs.

The Healthy Executive

Fostering healthy lifestyle skills in one’s employees shouldn’t be a business afterthought.

At JMEC we know healthy businesses, careers and lifestyles are all inextricably linked. Mental and physical health skills are as vital and teachable as business skills.

As such we recommend incorporating a Healthy Executive component in every program to ensure that your Custom Solution Programs have health and wellness at their core.

The Healthy Executive component’s mission is to:

  • Provide executives with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to adopt long-term healthy living habits, so that they can perform at optimal levels both professionally and personally.

The Healthy Executive component is comprised of:

Healthy eating

Eating a balanced diet can be one of a time-starved executive’s greatest challenges. From the nutritious, local food we feed you to consultations with certified dieticians, we serve up healthy solutions designed to fuel you for excellence in work and life.

Active lifestyle

An executive lifestyle requires energy, stamina and alertness. These are all elements that exercise fosters. With the help of certified exercise physiologists and fitness trainers, we’ll have you climbing the stairs to success with ease.

Reflective leadership

The ability to concentrate in our multi-tasking, smartphone-obsessed culture is a real challenge. By practicing mindfulness meditation, with the help of our trained practitioners, you’ll learn how to decrease stress and increase your ability to focus.

As part of this program, we leverage the leading-edge facilities at Concordia, like the PERFORM Gym, and collaborate with fitness, health and wellness professionals.

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