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Master of Science in Finance (MSc)

Program overview

The Master of Science (MSc) in Finance is a research-based Master’s degree program. Graduates of the program have strong quantitative and analytical abilities and a solid understanding of economic theory and research methodology.

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Dig deep into Finance's sub-disciplines

"This program features an in-depth exploration into the various sub-disciplines within Finance, a thorough grounding in the relevant issues in Economics and Statistics, extensive hands-on work in managing, cleaning, and analyzing data using various data management and statistical tools, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to conceptualize, design, execute, and communicate the findings of a research project. This is in contrast to the training of a programmer or statistician or finance manager who each look only at a specific part of the analytical tools required for a research project in Finance. Students graduate well-prepared for analytical and research roles that require detailed knowledge of Finance theory and the ability to work with data to put this theory into practice."

Nilanjan Basu, PhD - Graduate Program Director

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Photo by Zack Jarosz on Pexels

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