French study fee exemptions

If you register in an approved French PROGRAM or COURSE, you may find your tuition rates lowered. This fee reduction is an encouragement for all out-of-province and international students to take advantage of Montreal's bilingual identity, to perfect your French, and to study Quebec and francophone culture.

Find out how you can take advantage of this benefit of studying in Quebec!

French PROGRAM fee exemptions

For international students

The French program fee exemption is not available to international students. However if you are an international student registered in a French Program, you will be eligible for the French COURSE fee exemption. Please see the section below, “French COURSE fee exemption”.

For Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents or First Nations

If you plan to study in one of the following French programs, here's what you must do to become exempt from non-Quebec Resident differential fees for all your courses: 

  • Register in one of the following programs 
  • Meet the conditions described below

We adjust your fees after the deadline to drop courses with a refund.

Note: We evaluate your file each session.  

Any of the following programs might entitle you to some form of tuition fee reduction:

  • You must be registered in at least 12 credits in the session.
  • You must have 90 or fewer credits remaining to complete in your program.
  • You must be registered in French courses:
    • Fall session: at least 6 French credits
    • Winter session: 6 French credits 
    • Fall and Winter sessions: at least 12 French credits
    • Summer session: at least 3 French credits

Maîtrise en littérature francophone et résonances médiatiques

  • You must be registered as a full time student in this program in order to benefit from the exemption from non-Quebec Resident tuition.

French COURSE fee exemptions

For international students

If you are registered full time in a Bachelors, Masters or PhD program in a given session, then you will be charged:

  • Quebec tuition rates for any French course you take,
  • and international rates for all your other courses.

Note: International students in certificate and diploma programs do not qualify for the French course fee exemption.

For Canadians, Permanent Residents or First Nations

If you do not have Quebec Resident status, but you take a French language or literature course, then you will be charged:

  • Quebec tuition rates for that course
  • All other courses will be charged at the non-Quebec resident rate.

See full list of eligible courses below (subject to change). Note that some of the classes listed below may not be offered during the academic year. Please contact the Département d’études françaises to find out more about course availability.

Eligible courses – French course fee exemptions

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