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School of Irish Studies

Programs in Irish Studies at Concordia focus on Ireland’s rich history, culture, and the Irish abroad, but their multidisciplinary perspectives also provide students with the opportunity to explore international issues beyond Irish matters. Exploring Ireland as a case study broadens students' educational experience and prepares them for careers in many fields. In combination with other programs of their choice, undergraduate students can take a Major or Minor in Irish Studies, while graduate students have various options for a PhD or MA. All students can receive generous financial support for tuition and field trips to Ireland.

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Macnas-Performing Irishness
Irish landscape
School of Irish Studies - Ten Years A-Growing

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Listen to the Irish in Canada podcast. It explores the lives and legacies of Irish immigrants and their Canadian descendents.

Join Dr. Jane McGaughey, the Johnson Chair of Québec and Canadian Irish Studies, for a series of short, informative episodes about a kind of Canadian history you may never have heard before.

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