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This year, fourteen undergraduates with an Irish Studies Major received a total of $21,000 in tuition remission through the Brian O'Neill Gallery Tuition Awards.

Free tuition available for Undergraduates

With Irish Studies as your Major, you have the flexibility to study multiple subjects in this interdisciplinary program. You can also earn a double Major by combining Irish Studies with your existing Major!

Free Tuition is available from your arrival and continues throughout your undergraduate degree.


To receive $3,000 annually, you must:

  • Submit an initial, brief Letter of Intent (300 words) on joining the Major in Irish Studies
  • Be a full-time student (in fall and winter semesters)
  • Keep your GPA at 3.00 or more
  • Enroll in a minimum number of Irish Studies credits each semester, as approved by the School
  • Meet once a year with the Principal of the School

For students in the Minor in Irish Studies, there are also separate Irish Studies Scholarships available.

Tuition remission is subject to review and/or cancellation at the School of Irish Studies’ sole discretion.


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