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About the School

The School of Irish Studies, formerly the Centre for Canadian Irish Studies, was created with the joint financial support of Concordia University and the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation.  The academic programs of the School focus on Ireland’s complex history and rich culture, as well as the contribution of Irish immigrants in all regions of Canada to the social, cultural, economic, religious, educational and political life of the country. 

Usually, fifteen or more courses are offered annually in subjects such as History, Literature, Film, Music, Economics, Language, Theatre, Popular Culture, Theology, Irish Studies, Political Science and Geography.  But this multidisciplinary area of study goes beyond its obvious concerns with Irish matters to explore wider academic issues related to cultural nationalism, linguistic preservation, rebellion and civil war, partition and political re-alignment, national affiliation and sectarian identities, changing gender roles, famine, emigration and immigrant integration and settlement.  Irish Studies, therefore, offers case studies for a range of issues that are pertinent for students from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. 

We offer:

Our people

Assistant to the Principal
Matina Skalkogiannis

Manager, Promotion and Community Outreach
Marion Mulvenna

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