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Why make Irish Studies part of your degree at Concordia?

Harp brochure Download this brochure to learn the compelling reasons to study with Concordia's School of Irish Studies. [PDF]

Whether you want to do a Major, Double Major or a Minor in Irish Studies, we offer many possible options to suit your interests and needs.
  • Benefit from a $3,000 annual tuition grant throughout your degree, and be eligible for general scholarships and travel support.
  • Participate in funded summer field studies in Ireland.
  • Participate in an academic exchange with Irish Universities, and internships in Montreal and Ireland.

Studying Ireland’s rich history and culture introduces you to complex issues that echo round the world,
e.g. colonization, rebellion, civil war, partition, famine, refugees, language and cultural preservation, shifting national identities, etc.

See what our students have to say about their experiences.

Check out this article about Concordia International's most recent Irish partner university,
National University of Ireland, Galway



Highlights of Irish Literature
The Irish Literary Revival
James Joyce
Contemporary Irish Women’s Writing

Classic Irish Plays
Contemporary Irish Theatre

The Irish Diaspora in Film and Television
Ireland in Film

Irish Music History: From the Celts to Bono
Material Culture:
Introduction to Irish Material Culture

Theological Studies:
Celtic Christianity

History of Ireland
The Troubles in Northern Ireland
The Great Irish Famine
The Irish in Canada

Irish Performance Studies
Film, Theatre & TV in Cont. Ireland

Irish Mythology and Folklore

Beginners Irish
The Irish Language and its Culture

Political Science:
Contemporary Politics in Ireland

The Making of the Irish Landscape

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