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Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Concordia offers the Bachelor of Education degree in the Teaching English as a Second Language program. The BEd Specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language is a 120-credit Specialization program offered to expert speakers of English who have at least a working knowledge of French. This program is designed for students who wish to teach in elementary and secondary schools.

This program includes a practicum at the adult level, done in the first year of the program, and four day-time internships in three different terms.

Degree requirements

The program requires 120 credits of core and elective courses. The core courses involve a stimulating and well-balanced group of selections from three areas:

  • Theory courses
  • Method courses
  • Internships. 

The internships are undertaken in elementary, secondary and adult level classes.

Extended Credit Program

If you are a graduate of a secondary school outside Quebec, then the Extended Credit Program (ECP) is designed for you. ECP requires you to complete 30 additional credits beyond the 120-credit degree program. These credits are either elective courses or specific prerequisites in a discipline.

BEd degree program first year compulsory courses and electives:

  • 30 elective credits (maximum of 12 credits outside the Faculty of Arts and Science)

Read more about degree lengths and the ECP.

Teaching Eligibility

Graduates who satisfy the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Quebec will be recommended to the Ministry for immediate, permanent provincial teacher certification. No further probation is required. Quebec certification is normally valid in other Canadian provinces and territories, subject to satisfying some additional requirements. 


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