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University overview

Mission Statement

The School of Graduate Studies provides academic leadership and administrative support in fulfillment of Concordia University's commitment to deliver high-quality education and training to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Working closely with departments in and across all Faculties, the School fosters the continued success of existing programs and promotes the development of new programs that will attract top students both nationally and internationally. By valuing the integrity of different forms of knowledge acquisition and production from research and artistic creation to professional training and accreditation, the School serves as a hub for innovative thinking about how best to enrich the quality of graduate students' and postdoctoral fellows' experiences at all levels. Through its dedication to program excellence, as well as in its responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of teaching, supervision, and research training, the School affirms the vital contribution that graduate studies and postdoctoral training make to the advancement of knowledge and betterment of society

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