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Building Engineering MEng

Degree Requirements

The requirements described here are in addition to the general degree requirements for the Master/Magisteriate in Engineering (MEng) in the General Requirements for all Engineering and Computer Science Programs.

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Please see the Engineering Courses page for course descriptions.

Building Engineering MEng (45 credits)


credits of Core Courses:


BCEE 6001 Graduate Seminar in Building and Civil Engineering (1.00)
BLDG 6611 Building Science (4.00)


credits minimum chosen from the groups listed below to facilitate the selection of courses in a particular area of interest:

 Building Science (Building Engineering MEng)  

 Building Environment (Building Engineering MEng) 

 Energy Conversion (Building Engineering MEng)  

 Integrative Studies for Building Engineering (Building Engineering MEng)Note: A maximum of 2 courses (8 credits) can be taken from the  Integrative Studies for Building Engineering (Building Engineering MEng)list to be counted towards the 28 credits. Additional courses from this list would count towards the 12-credit group below.

12credits maximum chosen from the  Engineering Courses section. Four credits maximum (i.e.: one 4-credit course or four 1-credit courses)  can be selected from Topic Area  E09 - Professional Leadership Skills  

The 28 credits minimum are to be selected from the following courses.

Building Science (Building Engineering MEng)

BLDG 6541 Thermal Analysis in Buildings (4.00)
BLDG 6601 Building Enclosure (4.00)
BLDG 6621 Non-structural Building Materials (4.00)
BLDG 6622 Durability of Building Materials and Components (4.00)
BLDG 6651 Fire and Smoke Control in Buildings (4.00)
BLDG 6661 Hygrothermal Performance of the Building Envelope (4.00)
BLDG 6671 Diagnostics and Rehabilitation of Building Envelope (4.00)

Building Environment (Building Engineering MEng)

BLDG 6701 Building Environment (4.00)
BLDG 6711 Mechanical Systems in Building (4.00)
BLDG 6721 Building Acoustics (4.00)
BLDG 6731 Building Illumination and Daylighting (4.00)
BLDG 6741 HVAC Control Systems (4.00)
BLDG 6751 Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation (4.00)
BLDG 6761 Intelligent Buildings (4.00)
BLDG 6781 Energy Management in Buildings (4.00)
BLDG 6791 Thermal Building Simulation (4.00)
BLDG 7401 Dispersion of Building Exhaust (4.00)

Energy Conversion (Building Engineering MEng)

BLDG 6951 Solar Building Modelling and Design (4.00)
BLDG 6601 Building Enclosure (4.00)
ENGR 6611 Equipment Design for Solar Energy Conversion (4.00)
ENGR 6661 Solar Energy Materials Science (4.00)
ENGR 6811 Energy Resources: Conventional and Renewable (4.00)

Integrative Studies for Building Engineering (Building Engineering MEng)

BLDG 6061 Structural Systems for Buildings (4.00)
BLDG 6071 Wind Engineering and Building Aerodynamics (4.00)
BLDG 6111 Fundamentals of Smart Buildings Operation (4.00)
BLDG 6231 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Building and Civil Engineering (4.00)
BLDG 6241 Building Information Modelling in Construction (4.00)
BLDG 6561 Building Economics I (4.00)
BLDG 6571 Project Management (4.00)
BLDG 6581 Decision Analysis (4.00)
BLDG 6631 Fundamentals of Facility Management (4.00)
BLDG 6641 Modular and Off-site Construction (4.00)
BLDG 6861 Simulations and Design of Construction Operations (4.00)
BLDG 7511 Integrated Building Design (4.00)
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