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Theological Studies MA

Admission Requirements

  • Solid undergraduate preparation with a range of competence similar to that demanded of Major students at Concordia, and a minimum B average in their undergraduate studies.
  • Proficiency in English. Applicants whose primary language is not English must demonstrate that their knowledge of English is sufficient to pursue graduate studies in their chosen field. Please refer to the English language proficiency page for further information on requirements and exemptions.
  • Language Requirements. Thesis proposals which depend on special linguistic skills will be accepted only from students competent in the appropriate languages.

Additional Admission Requirements

Qualified applicants requiring prerequisite courses may be required to take up to 12 undergraduate credits in addition to and as a part of the regular graduate program. Admission into the program is on recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee.

Degree Requirements

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Please see the Theological Studies Courses page for course descriptions.

Theological Studies MA (45 credits)

Theological Studies MA Option A: MA with Thesis (45 credits)


credits of Required Courses:

THEO 603 Method in Theology (3.00)
THEO 604 Theological Hermeneutics (3.00)
THEO 605 Methods in Biblical Studies (3.00)
THEO 690 Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Proposal (6.00)


credits of Theology MA Elective Courses



THEO 697 Thesis (21.00)

Theological Studies MA Option B: MA with Applied Project in Theology (45 credits)


credits of Required Courses:

THEO 603 Method in Theology (3.00)
THEO 604 Theological Hermeneutics (3.00)
THEO 605 Methods in Biblical Studies (3.00)

18credits of Theology MA Elective Courses


THEO 6910 Research Paper Preparation (3.00)
THEO 6911 Research Paper (6.00)
THEO 6920 Applied Project in Theology Preparation (3.00)
THEO 6921 Applied Project in Theology (6.00)

Theology MA Elective Courses

THEO 621 Old Testament I (3.00)
THEO 623 Old Testament II (3.00)
THEO 627 Questions in Old Testament Research (3.00)
THEO 629 Intertestament Studies (3.00)
THEO 631 New Testament I (3.00)
THEO 633 New Testament II (3.00)
THEO 635 New Testament III (3.00)
THEO 637 Questions in New Testament Research (3.00)
THEO 639 Biblical Studies (3.00)
THEO 641 History I (3.00)
THEO 643 History II (3.00)
THEO 645 History III (3.00)
THEO 647 Research in History of Christian Thought (3.00)
THEO 649 Questions in Christian Worship (3.00)
THEO 651 Theology I (3.00)
THEO 653 Theology II (3.00)
THEO 655 Theology III (3.00)
THEO 657 Questions in Theological Research (3.00)
THEO 661 Ecclesiology I (3.00)
THEO 663 Ecclesiology II (3.00)
THEO 664 Ecclesiology III (3.00)
THEO 667 Research In Ecclesiology (3.00)
THEO 669 Theology & World Religions (3.00)
THEO 671 Ethics I (3.00)
THEO 673 Ethics II (3.00)
THEO 675 Issues in Ethical Research (3.00)


THEO 697 Thesis (21.00)

Academic Regulations

  1. Academic Standing. Please refer to the Academic Standing section of the Calendar for a detailed review of the Academic Regulations.
  2. Residence. The minimum period of residence is one calendar year (3 terms) of full-time graduate study or the equivalent in part-time study.
  3. Time Limit. Please refer to the Academic Regulations page for further details regarding the Time Limits.
  4. Graduation Requirement. In order to graduate, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70.

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