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Master of/Magisteriate in Applied Science (MASc)

The MASc Program

This program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to strengthen, in some specific area or areas, the knowledge gained at the undergraduate level, and to provide a significant introduction to research. It will appeal primarily to the student interested in full-time study.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent with high standing.

Additional Admission Requirements

Consideration will also be given to candidates with a degree in a cognate area with high standing; such students may be required to enrol in an extended program. In particular, applicants with a bachelor’s degree in architecture will be considered for the MASc in Building Engineering.

The GCS Graduate Studies Committee will determine the acceptability of an applicant for admission to the program and may require an applicant to take specified undergraduate courses in order to qualify for acceptance. Qualified applicants requiring prerequisite courses may be required to take such courses in addition to their regular graduate program.

Applicants with deficiencies in their undergraduate preparation may be required to take a qualifying program. An ability to write simple programs in a standard computer language will be assumed. Students lacking this skill will be required to register for a course prescribed by the Graduate Program Director. This course will be taken in addition to regular degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Credits. For specific program requirements, refer to the relevant departmental entry. Each individual program of study must be approved by the student’s department and the GCS Graduate Studies Committee.

Transfer Credits. Students may be granted transfer academic credits for, in general, not more than eight credits taken in approved graduate studies prior to their entry into this program. A course submitted for transfer credits must be appropriate to the student’s program of study at Concordia University. An application for such credit will be considered only at the time of admission.

Option Changes. Transfers between all Master’s programs at the Gina Cody School are considered option changes. All courses attempted in the original program are included in the new option and calculated in the CGPA.

Cross-Registration. A student in the program wishing to take courses under the cross-registration scheme must first obtain approval of the GCS Graduate Studies Committee. (See Inter-University Agreement section.)

Time Limit. Please refer to the Academic Regulation page for further details regarding the Time Limits.

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