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Civil Engineering MEng

Degree Requirements

The requirements described here are in addition to the general degree requirements for the Master/Magisteriate in Engineering (MEng) in the General Requirements for all Engineering and Computer Science Programs.

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Please see the Engineering Courses page for course descriptions.

Civil Engineering MEng (45 credits)


credits of Core Courses:


BCEE 6001 Graduate Seminar in Building and Civil Engineering (1.00)
CIVI 6501 Foundation Engineering (4.00)


credits minimum chosen from the groups listed below, to facilitate the selection of courses in a particular area of interest.

 Structural Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng) 

 Bridge Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng)‌  Transportation Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng)‌ 

 Geotechnical Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng) 

 Structural Mechanics (Civil Engineering MEng)  

12credits maximum chosen from the  Engineering Courses  section. Four credits maximum (i.e.: one 4-credit course or four 1-credit courses) can be selected from Topic Area  E09 - Professional Leadership Skills 

The 28 credits minimum are to be selected from the following courses.

Structural Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng)

BLDG 6061 Structural Systems for Buildings (4.00)
BLDG 6071 Wind Engineering and Building Aerodynamics (4.00)
CIVI 6001 Advanced Reinforced Concrete (4.00)
CIVI 6011 Pre-cast and Pre-stressed Concrete Structures (4.00)
CIVI 6021 Durability of Concrete Materials (4.00)
CIVI 6031 Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Structures (4.00)
CIVI 6051 Design of Industrial Structures (4.00)
CIVI 6061 Structural Health Monitoring (4.00)
CIVI 6071 Advanced Steel Structures Design (4.00)
CIVI 6931 Civil Infrastructure Rehabilitation (4.00)

Bridge Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng)

CIVI 6101 Planning and Design of Bridges (4.00)
CIVI 7111 Theory and Design of Modern Bridge Systems (4.00)

Transportation Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng)

CIVI 6401 Transportation Systems Analysis (4.00)
CIVI 6411 Urban Transportation Planning (4.00)
CIVI 6441 Traffic Engineering (4.00)
CIVI 6451 Pavement Design (4.00)
CIVI 6461 Pavement Management Systems (4.00)

Geotechnical Engineering (Civil Engineering MEng)

CIVI 6511 Earth Structures and Slope Stability (4.00)
CIVI 6521 Soil Behaviour (4.00)
CIVI 6531 Soil Testing and Properties (4.00)

Structural Mechanics (Civil Engineering MEng)

ENGR 6151 Continuum Mechanics (4.00)
ENGR 6511 Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis of Structures (4.00)
ENGR 6541 Structural Dynamics (4.00)
ENGR 6551 Theory of Elastic and Inelastic Stability (4.00)
ENGR 6581 Introduction to Structural Dynamics (4.00)
ENGR 7501 Advanced Finite Element Method in Structural Mechanics (4.00)
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