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Investment Management (DIM) Diploma

Note: Admissions have been suspended.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree, with high academic standing, or qualifications accepted as equivalent by the School of Graduate Studies and acceptance into the CFA® program are necessary for admission.
  • Applicants are evaluated according to the following criteria: undergraduate performance, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores, work experience, detailed evaluations from employers and former university instructors, and statements of self-assessment. Students without formal undergraduate training in quantitative methods, accounting, economics, and finance will be required to demonstrate adequate preparation.
  • Proficiency in English. Applicants whose primary language is not English must demonstrate that their knowledge of English is sufficient to pursue graduate studies in their chosen field. Please refer to the English language proficiency page for further information on requirements and exemptions.

Additional Admissions Requirement

GMAT requirements for GIIM applicants who have already passed CFA Level I examinations will be waived.

Degree Requirements

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 33 credits and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70.

Please see the Investment Management Courses (Graduate Diploma, MBA and MIM) page for course descriptions.

Investment Management (DIM) Diploma (33 credits)


credits of Required Courses:

GIIM 610 Economics (3.00)
GIIM 611 Financial Statement Analysis I (3.00)
GIIM 613 Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management I (1.50)
GIIM 614 Security Valuation in the Domestic and International Environment (3.00)
GIIM 616 Quantitative Techniques (3.00)
GIIM 617 Corporate Finance (1.50)
GIIM 618 Seminar in Corporate Finance (3.00)
GIIM 620 Financial Statement Analysis II (3.00)
GIIM 621 Fixed Income Analysis (1.50)
GIIM 622 Derivatives (3.00)
GIIM 623 Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management II (1.50)
GIIM 624 Analysis of Equity Investments (3.00)
GIIM 633 Investment Law and Ethics (3.00)

Additional Degree Requirements

Course Load. Normally students must register for a total of 33 credits over 2 years, and must achieve success in these courses in order to remain a student in good standing in the program.

Academic Regulations

  1. Academic Standing. Please refer to the Academic Standing section of the Calendar for a detailed review of the Academic Regulations.
  2. Residence. The minimum residence requirement for the master’s degree is 3 terms (one year) of full-time study.
  3. Time Limit. Please refer to the Academic Regulations page for further details regarding the Time Limits.
  4. Graduation Requirement. DIM students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.70 and are not required to complete the CFA® examinations.

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