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Art Education PhD

Admission Requirements

  • MA in Art Education with superior standing from a recognized university.
  • Candidate possessing an MFA must also complete the art education readings and research methods courses of the MA in Art Education.
  • Teaching experience, certification or related professional experience.
  • Proficiency in English. Applicants whose primary language is not English must demonstrate that their knowledge of English is sufficient to pursue graduate studies in their chosen field. Please refer to the English language proficiency page for further information on requirements and exemptions.

Additional Admission Requirements

This program is recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education for purposes of perfectionnement.

Degree Requirements

Fully-qualified applicants entering the program with a master’s degree are required to complete a minimum of 90 credits.

For course descriptions, please see the Art Education Courses page.

Art Education PhD (90 credits)


credits of Required Courses:

ARTE 870 Critical Perspectives on Art Education: History, Theory and Practice (3.00)
ARTE 872 Advanced Critical Analysis (3.00)
ARTE 882 Research Practice (3.00)
ARTE 884 Doctoral Seminar (3.00)

15credits from course work and independent study in art education and/or relevant disciplines, to complement their research and professional interests. These courses must be approved by the student's program advisor and the graduate program director.


ARTE 883 Comprehensive Examination (0.00)
ARTE 890 Research and Thesis (63.00)

Additional Degree Requirements

Admission to Candidacy. Upon approval of the thesis proposal by the Thesis Advisory Committee, the student is officially admitted to candidacy for the degree.

Program Advisors and Thesis Supervisors. Upon admission to the program, each student is assigned to a graduate faculty member, who serves as Program Advisor until the student passes the Comprehensive Examination. After completing the Comprehensive Exam, the student selects a Thesis Supervisor from the available Graduate Program Faculty.

Academic Regulations

  1. Academic Standing. Please refer to the Academic Standing section of the Calendar for a detailed review of the Academic Regulations.
  2. Residence. The minimum residence requirement for the degree is two years of full-time study or the equivalent in part-time study. One of these residence years may be taken on a part-time basis. The year of full-time study may be the year of writing a dissertation.
  3. Time Limit. Please refer to the Academic Regulations page for further details regarding the Time Limits.
  4. Graduation Requirement. In order to graduate, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00.

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