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Studio Arts MFA

Admission Requirements

  • BFA or BA with a Fine Arts or Fine Arts and Art History major, or an approved equivalent, from a recognized institution and with a minimum B average in the major area.
  • Undergraduate experience and proficiency relevant to the area of specialization.
  • Proficiency in English. Applicants whose primary language is not English must demonstrate that their knowledge of English is sufficient to pursue graduate studies in their chosen field. Please refer to the English language proficiency page for further information on requirements and exemptions.

Additional Admission Requirements

Students with a BFA from Concordia University must wait two years before being considered for admission into the MFA program.

Degree Requirements

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 60 credits.

Please see the Studio Arts Courses page for course descriptions.

Studio Arts MFA (60 credits)


credits chosen from the Studio Concentration



DISP 615 Directed Studio Practice (3.00)


credits chosen from the following courses:

ASEM 620 Art: Ideas and Practices (3.00)
ASEM 641 Seminar in Contemporary Art (6.00)
ASEM 642 Seminar in Contemporary Art (3.00)
ASEM 643 Special Topics in Art and Ideology (6.00)
ASEM 644 Special Topics In Art and Ideology (3.00)
ASEM 645 Special Topics in Art and Culture (6.00)
ASEM 646 Special Topics in Art and Culture (3.00)
ASEM 651 Special Topics in Media Arts (6.00)
ASEM 652 Special Topics in Media Arts (3.00)
ASEM 653 Aspects of Contemporary Cinema (6.00)
ASEM 654 Aspects of Contemporary Cinema (3.00)
INTP 660 Professional Internship (6.00)
INTP 661 Professional Internship I (3.00)
INTP 662 Professional Internship II (3.00)
INDS 670 Independent Study (6.00)
INDS 671 Independent Study I (3.00)
INDS 672 Independent Study II (3.00)



PROJ 691 Studio Project (9.00)
PROJ 692 Exhibition (3.00)

Additional Degree Requirements

Studio Project and Exhibition. In the third or fourth year and no less than six months following the successful completion of the second year of course work, students may present their studio project and complete the exhibition. Approval by both the student’s advisor and the graduate program director is required prior to the examination. Students are also required to submit documentation of their exhibition to be kept on file in the office of the Graduate Program Director.

Academic Regulations

  1. Academic Standing. Please refer to the Academic Standing section of the Calendar for a detailed review of the Academic Regulations.
  2. Residence. The minimum residence requirement is 5 terms of full-time study. It should be noted that one of these terms is a summer session. Following the residency, candidates will prepare for their Studio Project and Exhibition.
  3. Time Limit. Please refer to the Academic Regulations page for further details regarding the Time Limits.
  4. Graduation Requirement. In order to graduate, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70.

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