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Construction Engineering and Management MEng

Degree Requirements

The requirements described here are in addition to the general degree requirements for the Master/Magisteriate in Engineering (MEng) in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Fully- qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Please see the Engineering Courses page for course descriptions.

Construction Engineering and Management MEng (45 credits)


credits of Core Courses:


BCEE 6001 Graduate Seminar in Building and Civil Engineering (1.00)
BLDG 6571 Project Management (4.00)


credits minimum chosen from:


BLDG 6241 Building Information Modelling in Construction (4.00)
BLDG 6561 Building Economics I (4.00)
BLDG 6631 Fundamentals of Facility Management (4.00)
BLDG 6641 Modular and Off-site Construction (4.00)
BLDG 6801 Construction Planning and Control (4.00)
BLDG 6811 Labour and Industrial Relations in Construction (4.00)
BLDG 6821 Legal Issues in Construction (4.00)
BLDG 6831 Construction Processes (4.00)
BLDG 6851 Project Cost Estimating (4.00)
BLDG 6861 Simulations and Design of Construction Operations (4.00)
BLDG 6921 Trenchless Technology for Rehabilitation Works (4.00)
BLDG 7811 Project Acquisition and Control (4.00)
BLDG 7831 Building Economics II (4.00)
BLDG 7841 Information Technology Applications in Construction (4.00)
BLDG 7861 Business Practices in Construction (4.00)
BLDG 7871 Construction Equipment Management (4.00)
CIVI 6711 Asset Management for Sustainable Civil Infrastructure (4.00)
CIVI 6731 Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities (4.00)
CIVI 6721 Infrastructure Systems Modeling and Simulation (4.00)

12credits maximum chosen from the  Engineering Courses  section. Four credits maximum (i.e.: one 4-credit course or four 1-credit courses) can be selected from Topic Area E09 - Professional Leadership Skills 
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