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Applied Computer Science MApCompSc

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree in computer science or a graduate diploma in computer science.

Additional Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is competitive and only applicants with high academic standing will be considered. The graduate studies committee, in consultation with the department, is responsible for recommending on all applications for admission.

Degree Requirements

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Please see the Computer Science and Software Engineering Courses page for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Applied Computer Science MApCompSc (45 credits)


credits chosen from the Applied Computer Science MAPCompSc Core

Note: All Core courses must be successfully completed within the first four terms of the program.


credits chosen from Applied Computer Science MAPCompSc Electives

Applied Computer Science MAPCompSc Core (16 credits)

COMP 6231 Distributed System Design (4.00)
COMP 6481 Programming and Problem Solving (4.00)
COMP 6651 Algorithm Design Techniques (4.00)
SOEN 6441 Advanced Programming Practices (4.00)

Applied Computer Science MAPCompSc Electives (29 credits)


credits minimum chosen from the following Topic Areas:

C01 - Developments in Computer Science

C02 - Parallel and Distributed Systems

C03 - Image Processing/Pattern Recognition and Graphics

C04 - Software Systems and Languages

C05 - Information Processing and Management

C06 - Scientific Computation and Algorithms

C07 - Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Communication


credits maximum chosen from the following computer science courses at the 6000 level:

COMP 6281 Parallel Programming (4.00)
COMP 6311 Animation for Computer Games (4.00)
COMP 6331 Advanced Game Development (4.00)
COMP 6341 Computer Vision (4.00)
COMP 6371 Immersive Technologies (4.00)
COMP 6421 Compiler Design (4.00)
COMP 6721 Applied Artificial Intelligence (4.00)
COMP 6731 Pattern Recognition (4.00)
COMP 6741 Intelligent Systems (4.00)
COMP 6771 Image Processing (4.00)
COMP 6791 Information Retrieval and Web Search (4.00)

Remaining credits may be chosen from the topic areas and courses listed below:

C08 - Developments in Software Engineering C09 - Software Development

C10 - Software Architecture and Design

C11 - Software Maintenance and Quality

C13 - Software Engineering

C16 - Cognate Disciplines

COMP 6971 Project and Report I (4.00)
COMP 6981 Project and Report II (4.00)
ENCS 6921 Industrial Stage and Training (4.00)

Students may select a maximum of five one-credit courses from the following:

COMP 6961 Graduate Seminar in Computer Science (1.00)

E09 - Professional Leadership Skills

Additional Degree Requirements

Co-op Option

The Graduate Co-op Option is a structured Internship program offered through the Institute for Co-operative Education. Students registered in the Master of Applied Computer Science (MApCompSc) program with the Gina Cody School (GCS) are eligible to apply to the Co-op Option. For the general guidelines, please refer to the Institute of Co-operative Education.

Admission Criteria. In addition to the general requirements for entrance into the Institute for Co-operative Education, the GCS has these additional requirements:

  • Students apply to the Graduate Co-op Option in the first year of their academic program.
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better throughout their studies.
  • This academic program may have a higher GPA requirement and/or additional admission requirements.
  • Registration for ENCS 6921 must be approved by the Department Co-op Program Academic Director or Graduate Program Director.

Academic Regulations

Programming Competency: The programming competency of students is assessed on the basis of computer-based tests, administered in the core course COMP 6481.

Program of Study. The student, in consultation with faculty, must plan an individual program of study approved by the department graduate studies committee.

Credits. Additional credits may be required in some cases.

Completion. Normally a full-time student will require six terms to complete the degree requirements.

Transfer Credits. A student may be granted credit for, in general, not more than 12 credits taken in approved graduate studies prior to his or her entry into this program. A course submitted for transfer credit must be appropriate to the student’s program of study at Concordia University. An application for such credit will be considered only at the time of admission.

Cross-Registration. A student in the program wishing to take courses under the cross-registration scheme outlined in the graduate calendar must first obtain permission of the graduate program director.

Time Limit. Please refer to the Academic Regulations page for further details regarding the Time Limits.

Projects. Students may choose to do a project as part of their program. They do so by registering for COMP 6971. Students may also choose to extend their project work from COMP 6971 by registering for COMP 6981.

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