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Environmental Engineering MEng

Degree Requirements

The requirements described here are in addition to the general degree requirements for the Master/Magisteriate in Engineering (MEng) Master’s programs in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Please see the Engineering Courses page for course descriptions.

Environmental Engineering MEng (45 credits)


credits of Core Courses:


BCEE 6001 Graduate Seminar in Building and Civil Engineering (1.00)
CIVI 6611 Environmental Engineering (4.00)


credits minimum chosen from the groups listed below, to facilitate the selection of courses in a particular area of interest:

 Water Resources (Environmental Engineering MEng) 
 Industrial Waste Management (Environmental Engineering MEng) 
 Environmental Engineering (Environmental Engineering MEng)  

12credits maximum chosen from the  Engineering Courses section. Four credits maximum (i.e.: one 4-credit course or four 1-credit courses) can be selected from Topic Area  E09 - Professional Leadership Skills. Graduate courses outside engineering require GPD approval prior to registration.

The 28 credits minimum are to be selected from the following courses.

Water Resources

CIVI 6301 Hydrology (4.00)
CIVI 6331 Hydraulic Engineering (4.00)
CIVI 6381 Hydraulic Structures (4.00)
CIVI 7311 Advanced Analysis of Groundwater Flow and Contamination (4.00)

Industrial Waste Management (Environmental Engineering MEng)

CIVI 6481 Sustainable Management of Industrial Waste (4.00)
CIVI 6491 Engineering Aspects of Site Remediation (4.00)
CIVI 6631 Hazardous Material Management and Transportation (4.00)
CIVI 6671 Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Environment (4.00)
CIVI 6661 Environmental Impact Assessment (4.00)

Environmental Engineering (Environmental Engineering MEng)

CIVI 6601 Modelling in Building and Environmental Engineering (4.00)
CIVI 6621 Engineering Aspects of Biological Treatment of Water and Air (4.00)
CIVI 6641 Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering (4.00)
CIVI 6651 Water Pollution and Control (4.00)
CIVI 6666 Climate Change in Engineering Practice (4.00)
CIVI 6681 Environmental Nanotechnology (4.00)
CIVI 6691 Greenhouse Gases and Control (4.00)
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