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Degree and program requirements

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science have the opportunity to complete one of three degrees (BA, BSc, and BEd) and several Certificates. Degree lengths will vary depending on the basis of admission (High School, CEGEP, university transfer, etc) and can be either 90, 108 (MEP), or 120 (ECP) credits in length.

Degree Requirements

All degrees must include at least a Major program. In the Faculty of Arts and Science, our Major programs are between 36-45 credits.

Students may opt to do a double Major, add a Minor to their Major, or increase their concentration to a Specialization. Students with strong grades, or for those who wish to pursue graduate studies, may choose to complete the Honours concentration in their program. Honours regulations differ from regular entry requirements.

All degrees must meet the following requirements:

Degree requirements are given in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Program Requirements

Program requirements are met by completing appropriate courses. Please see the Undergraduate Calendar or your department for program information.

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