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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



PAUL JOYCE, PhD Dalhousie University; Professor

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

MARK DOUGHTY, PhD University of London
ANN M. ENGLISH, PhD McGill University; Provost’s Distinction
OSWALD S. TEE, PhD University of East Anglia


JOHN A. CAPOBIANCO, PhD University of Geneva; Professor
LOUIS CUCCIA, PhD McGill University; Professor
CHRISTINE DEWOLF, PhD Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine; Professor
PAT FORGIONE, PhD University of Ottawa; Professor
YVES GÉLINAS, PhD Université du Québec à Montréal; Professor
JUNG KWON (JOHN) OH, PhD University of Toronto; Professor
PETER PAWELEK, PhD McGill University; Professor
GILLES H. PESLHERBE, PhD Wayne State University; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
CHRISTOPHER WILDS, PhD McGill University; Professor

Associate Professors

GEORGE DÉNÈS, PhD Université de Rennes I; Associate Professor
BRANDON FINDLAY, PhD University of Manitoba; Associate Professor
HEIDI M. MUCHALL, PhD University of Essen; Associate Professor
RAFIK NACCACHE, PhD Concordia University; Associate Professor
XAVIER OTTENWAELDER, PhD Université Paris‑XI (Orsay); Associate Professor
INGO SALZMANN, PhD Humboldt University of Berlin; Associate Professor
CAMERON SKINNER, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
DAJANA VUCKOVIC, PhD University of Waterloo; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

ASHLEE HOWARTH, PhD University of British Columbia; Assistant Professor
MAREK MAJEWSKI, PhD University of British Columbia; Assistant Professor
MELISSA PASSARELLI, PhD Pennsylvania State University; Assistant Professor
XIANMING ZHANG, PhD University of Toronto; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturers

GREGOR KOS, PhD Vienna University of Technology; Senior Lecturer
CERRIE ROGERS, PhD University of British Columbia; Senior Lecturer


Loyola Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

Chemistry is the science that examines the structure of substances and the reactions to produce novel and useful products. Biochemistry is that part of chemistry which deals with chemical changes occurring in biologically relevant systems; i.e. changes taking place in living cells that are responsible for life processes.

The mission of the Department is fourfold: (i) excellence in teaching and research in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry; (ii) develop and maintain strong undergraduate and graduate teaching programs; (iii) develop and maintain state-of-the-art quality research; and (iv) meet the high standards of the scientific and industrial communities. The Department’s programs have strengths in both the applied and theoretical fields.

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