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Chemistry and Biochemistry Program Notes

  • The Department helps students to ensure that they adhere to the academic code of conduct while taking the Department’s courses.
  • Attendance at a 45‑minute seminar on academic integrity is required of all students registered in any department course. The seminar is offered several times near the beginning of each term.
  • The Ordre des chimistes du Québec (OCQ) has fully accredited the curricula of i) Honours in Chemistry; ii) Honours in Biochemistry; iii) Specialization in Biochemistry; iv) Specialization in Chemistry. Upon satisfactory completion of any of the above‑mentioned programs, a graduate is eligible for membership in the OCQ. A working knowledge of French is required.
  • Students should note that CHEM 450 has a performance prerequisite and is essential for honours programs. CHEM 419 has a performance prerequisite for the specialization programs. Students who cannot meet these prerequisites will not be able to complete the programs but may complete a major. For more details, students should consult with the Department.
  • Courses that consist of both laboratories and lectures require that a satisfactory performance be obtained in each of the components for successful completion of the course.
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