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French as a Second Language

All students not admitted into a program in the Département d’études françaises are required to consult the Études françaises website for the placement test (which is also available at the Department) in order to determine the level of elective French courses for which they can obtain credit. If in doubt, contact the department for assistance.

FRAN 211 is restricted to students with no previous training in French. FRAN 212 is designed to follow FRAN 211, or may be taken if students have little previous training in French. FRAN 211 and FRAN 212 are not intended for students who have attended high school in Quebec.

Some students with previous French language background are restricted to certain levels of French language courses at Concordia. These restrictions are indicated as “exemptions” on the student record. Apart from any exemptions which may have been granted to undergraduate students, the following restrictions apply to ALL students:

  1. Students who have completed any 602‑900‑level Cegep courses or who have graduated from Francophone secondary institutions may obtain a maximum of six credits in the range of FRAN 301‑321 at Concordia. No credit is awarded for language courses numbered FRAN 211‑221.
  2. Students who have completed any 601‑series Cegep courses or who have attended a Francophone Cegep may ONLY obtain credits for Concordia French Language courses at the 400 level (FRAA 400‑498). No credit is awarded for language courses numbered 211‑221 or 301‑321.

The Department reserves the right to transfer a student to a higher or lower-level language course if it is deemed that the course for which the student has registered is not appropriate for the extent of his or her knowledge of the language.

Remarques d’ordre général

1) Les principaux critères de classement sont la langue d’enseignement des études secondaires, les notes obtenues et les résultats du test de classement.

2) Les étudiantes et les étudiants doivent remettre leurs travaux en français dans les cours de littérature du département.

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