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Certificate in Iranian Studies

Program Requirements

Note: Admission to this program is suspended.

Certificate in Iranian Studies (30 credits)



RELI 227 Introduction to Iranian Civilization (3.00)
RELI 306 Religion and Society in Contemporary Iran (3.00)
RELI 313 Zoroastrianism (3.00)
RELI 317 Sufism (3.00)
RELI 318 Shiite Islam (3.00)

15credits chosen from any courses related to Iran in various departments at Concordia approved by the undergraduate advisor, including those not already taken at the first level of requirement. Examples of courses offered at various times include Pahlavi and other ancient Iranian languages, Modern Persian, Iranian Mythology, Manichaeism, Avesta, and Classical Persian Music. Students may also request credit for Iran-related courses taught at other Quebec universities.


  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular program requirements.

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