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Department of Religions and Cultures



NAFTALI COHN, PhD University of Pennsylvania; Professor

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

FREDERICK BIRD, PhD University of California, Berkeley
MICHEL DESPLAND, ThD Harvard University
JACK LIGHTSTONE, PhD Brown University
MICHAEL OPPENHEIM, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
IRA ROBINSON, PhD Harvard University; Provost’s Distinction
T.S. RUKMANI, PhD DLitt University of Delhi


LYNDA CLARKE, PhD McGill University; Professor
CARLY DANIEL‑HUGHES, ThD Harvard University; Professor
LORENZO DITOMMASO, PhD McMaster University; Professor
RICHARD FOLTZ, PhD Harvard University; Professor
NORMA JOSEPH, PhD Concordia University; Professor
LESLIE ORR, PhD McGill University; Professor
NORMAN RAVVIN, PhD University of Toronto; Professor

Associate Professor

MARC DES JARDINS, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

SOWPARNIKA BALASWAMINATHAN, PhD University of California, San Diego; Assistant Professor

Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies

MIRANDA CROWDUS, PhD City University London; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturer

MARC LALONDE, PhD Concordia University; Senior Lecturer


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

The Department of Religions and Cultures is dedicated to the academic study of various faiths and of social and cultural phenomena affected by religions. The curriculum includes the comparative study of many religious traditions of the world. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, students are encouraged to develop an understanding of at least two religious traditions. Whatever the student’s special focus, the informed appreciation of the beliefs and values of other cultures is considered an essential dimension of education for today’s world.

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