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BA Honours in Religions and Cultures

Program Requirements

Honours in Religions and Cultures (60 credits)

12credits in a language related to thesis; or in a related discipline such as Anthropology, Classics, English Literature, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Women’s Studies

credits chosen from:

RELI 209 The Religious Imagination (3.00)
RELI 210 Religion in Practice (3.00)
RELI 214 Religions of the West (3.00)
RELI 215 Religions of Asia (3.00)
RELI 220 Introduction to Judaism (3.00)
RELI 223 Introduction to Christianity (3.00)
RELI 224 Introduction to Islam (3.00)
RELI 225 Introduction to Hinduism (3.00)
RELI 226 Introduction to Buddhism (3.00)
RELI 227 Introduction to Iranian Civilization (3.00)


credits chosen from the following groups:




credits chosen from the following groups:

Themes in Religions and Cultures

Women, Gender, and Sexuality

6credits chosen from Religions and Cultures Courses at the 300 or 400 level


RELI 409 Methodology and the Study of Religion (3.00)



RELI 410 Honours Thesis (6.00)


  • Students seeking admission to the honours program may apply either for direct entry on the University application form or, once in the program, to the departmental honours advisor normally following the completion of 30 credits.
  • The Department of Religions and Cultures requires a statement of intent with the application for honours programs.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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