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BA Major in Judaic Studies

Program Requirements

Major in Judaic Studies (42 credits)


credits chosen from:

RELI 220 Introduction to Judaism (3.00)
RELI 301 The Hebrew Bible (3.00)
RELI 326 Ancient Judaism (3.00)
RELI 327 Medieval Jewish Thought and Institutions (3.00)
RELI 328 Modern Judaism (3.00)


credits in Hebrew language, typically chosen from:

HEBR 210 Introductory Course in Hebrew (6.00)
HEBR 241 Intermediate Hebrew I (3.00)
HEBR 242 Intermediate Hebrew II (3.00)
RELI 401 Studies in Hebrew Texts (3.00)

Note: Students who demonstrate proficiency in Hebrew may substitute religion courses at the 300 or 400 level approved by the undergraduate advisor.


credits chosen from:

RELI 209 The Religious Imagination (3.00)
RELI 210 Religion in Practice (3.00)
RELI 214 Religions of the West (3.00)
RELI 215 Religions of Asia (3.00)

15credits of electives chosen from courses in Judaism at the 200, 300, or 400 level. It is recommended that students take at least one 400-level course. Up to six credits may be substituted with courses in related traditions and related languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, or Yiddish.


RELI 409 Methodology and the Study of Religion (3.00)


  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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