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Minor in Economics

Program Requirements

Minor in Economics (30 credits)

Stage I: Minor in Economics (6 credits)



ECON 201 Introduction to Microeconomics (3.00)
ECON 203 Introduction to Macroeconomics (3.00)

Note: Students exempted from ECON 201 and/or ECON 203 are required to replace these courses with ECON elective credits or GEOG 380 or COMP 218.

Stage II: Minor in Economics (12 credits)



ECON 318 Canadian Economic Policy and Institutions (3.00)
ECON 319 International Economic Policy and Institutions (3.00)

6credits of 200- or 300-level ECON elective courses

Stage III: Minor in Economics (12 credits)


credits chosen from:

300- or 400-level ECON elective courses or from the following courses:

GEOG 380 Ecological Economics (3.00)
COMP 218 Fundamentals of Programming (3.00)


  • Calculus I is a prerequisite for many Economics courses. Students who have not taken or received an exemption for MATH 203 or MATH 209 or equivalent must take MATH 209 or equivalent as an elective within the first 30 credits of their degree.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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